Organizing presser feet - quick tip

I love my Bernina 380 with all my heart, it's my sewing room bf.  At first, I was happy with the presser foot and snap on possibilities that came with my original purchase.  But soon after acquiring my sweetheart I went to the get acquainted lessons.  New feet with clever functions were explained at these classes.  I am not saying I am a pushover but all of a sudden I had a walking foot and a few other buddies.  I needed a way of organizing presser feet!

I thought about this dilemma as I was seduced by even more wonderful presser feet.  I've blogged about the rolled hem foot and the rolling foot.  I was working on quite a mess on my sewing area.  I needed an inexpensive way to keep them close but keep them organized.tipre

I found the solution at Walgreens of all places.  No, it is not a fabric store, yes I am talking about the drug store.  They sell medications and they also sell ways to organize it.  I got two of their biggest ones in two different colors.  I put the snap on feet in one and the shank feet in the other.  I can't close the shank feet organizer but that's OK!  It works for me and I can grab whatever foot I need.

Sigh of contentment that only an organizer freak like myself would understand.

Sew happy!

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