Making fun pics for Facebook pages

It's a good thing to have a lot of projects and activities you like to do, yes?  (Please tell me yes.)  I love to sew, quilt, read, swim, spend time with loved ones, do Facebook, sew, quilt (wait didn't you write those twice?  Yes, yes I did), read, blog and now I enjoy making fun pics for Facebook pages also.

I have had some queries about how I make them.  I have also had some of them not so nicely "borrowed" (if by borrowed you mean stolen) and lots of nice people share them.  I have fun making them and some are huge hits and others, well, land with a thud.  To make them yourself there are cool websites where you can make them for free.

I started out slowly.  First I played around on bitstrips and did a post.  Then I started making ecards and memes.   I did a gallery of memes and one of ecards and suddenly I was hooked.  I moved on to motivator poster sites.  My current obsession is putting sayings on public domain pictures on this site.  Now that I am wise to the way things are "borrowed" I slap my page name on it at this photo editing site.  I use that site when using my own pics.  All of this is super addictive but such silly fun.

Let's see examples of what I've created.

And as always, Sew happy!

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