Kaffe Fassett template free quilt top finished

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics almost as much as chocolate.  In addition I am a fool for piecing and even more than that I adore finishing a quilt top.  You are not going to believe this but all three of these wondrous events came together yesterday like some sort of fabric sundae with a cherry on top.  Yep, you guessed it, my Kaffe Fassett template free quilt top is finished.  Done.  On the longarm.  Want to see these final steps?  Yes? Oh good, I was hoping you would.

kfre11When we last discussed this beauty, I had finished the strips.  (Need a refresher?  Click here!)  Those strips are lonely no more.  They are being hugged by the sashing in this picture but they haven't made their relationship "official" yet.  I just laid the strips there to see how it would look and to know if and where to clip them.  Now I will marry those strips and that sashing!

kref12I was more than pleased with how they looked.  It took two nights to sew all that sashing to the strips.  Only one strip was a bit naughty and I had to use my trusty seam ripper and put it on again.  So obviously the fabric's fault, duh!  I have the finished top laying over Gladys the Gammill in this picture.

Next step was to get it loaded onto Gladys.  kfre13 Before I could do this I had to iron it, make the back, iron it again, cut the batting and then iron it one more time.  Good thing I like to iron, huh?  I have a lovely variegated blue thread in my collection which I am using for the quiltilng.  I am using the suggestion in the book and quilting it as a watery meander.

However, I did do something different than the book.  As I have previously confessed, I ironed the block seams open.  I am not hand quilting this nor was I planning on stitching in the ditch around the blocks.  But gaze upon those vertical sashing strips and listen carefully.  Can you hear them begging to be stabilized and stitched in the ditch?  I hear it too!  As a result I ironed those seams to the side and I am stitchin' in the ditch as I do each section.

Each section might sound like I have finished many sections.  If you count the section I finished today, I have finished, well, one.  But hey there is a fair amount of quilting in that section.  I was happy to turn the wheels and expose a fresh section of unquilted top.  I am loving quilting this sweetie and hope to have it done by the middle of July.  And of course I will let you see it!

Sew happy!

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