Fabric Alphabet toy letters tutorial - DIY

I have probably seen 27,000 ideas in my lifetime that I like and maybe I've actually made 157 of them.  I rip out magazine pictures, I save emails, I buy books and I pin.  (True confession, I have never made a single thing I've pinned.)  When I saw this fabulous blog post I was so swiftly smitten that I started working on the fabric alphabet toy letters that same day.  It is a magnificent post complete with the letters to download.  (Print them in landscape for larger letters.)  If you like these, remember it was Jessica's idea that I merely tweeked.  Thank you Happy Together Blog!

slre0These letters touched on a special spot in my heart.  When my oldest was in kindergarten, I was a guest speaker at her class and taught a mini lesson to the class and presented the school with an alphabet quilt.  I had quite a time finding a fabric to represent each letter and had used yellow as the background so that made the Y really tricky.  I adored the project in many ways and I saved all the scraps and made a book instead of a quilt for my youngest.  I still had all those fabrics in a project box but the scraps were getting skimpier.  However, these letters aren't that big so the fabrics will do nicely.

I  decided to make two sets, one for my house and one for Emily's.  I watch Zara here so I like to have duplicates of things she has at home chezslre1 moi.  First letter up, A, natch.  And I love that the A for apple had enough left to make two.  Will I now become even more of a fabric hoarder saver than before?  Nope, it would be impossible.

Next up was the letter B and I decided I wanted a new fabric.  I have become quite fond of bird items and I sneak them in the house all around.  There is a small bird which came on my kitchen clocks and there are blue birds of happiness in nearly every room of my house.  B for birds was up next!slre2

Something old and something new was working out so on I went to the letter C.  Emily is allergic to cats and dogs so I didn't want to overload these letters with animals that Zara will slre3never actually see.

In the project box, I found scraps for a dress and pinafore I had made Emily 28 years ago.  Crayons are perfect, it's the throwback look I wanted but no allergy issues!

For the letter D, I went with the original DOG fabric I used all those years ago.  Let's take it step by step.

These cute letters are so easy to make.  I downloaded all the pages from Happy Together and printed them in landscape.  I cut the letters out plus a piece of red flannel, a piece of batting and the targeted fabric.  slre4

I chose flannel because it will stick to a flannel carry all, display cloth I have in the back of my mind to make when I am all done.  I chose red because I have tons of it leftover from Christmas quilts.

slre6I pin the letter to the top of the tiny quilt sandwich.

Then I have a thread which goes with the fabric but doesn't disappear.  I've used blue for the last three letters so I used it for this one also.  I sew around the letter, I try to be exactly next to it but if it catches a bit, that is ok also! slre8

I do all this twice and really the sewing is the quickest part.

I cut them all out with my pinking shears.  I am so excited to use them because up until now, I haven't found that many uses for them.  This is just perfect!slre10

And here is the fourth letter all done.

Yes, I only have A, B, C and D done but I do have doubles of them.  I could crack them all off but it's a relaxation project for me.  I make one up when I am bored with a current project or have a lot of ripping I am trying to avoid.  slre12

I will try to give updates on my progress on these, maybe in a blog post or on my Facebook page.  When I get them all done, I will make a photo gallery.

I am wondering if the alphabet will be enough.  Should I do lower case also?  Or just for words Zara might want to spell?  That's 2 lower case a's right there.

Thinking and planning all of this makes me, you guessed it, Sew happy!

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Update! I finished all the letters and published a post with all of them. Check it out, you will love it. Click here.

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