Comparing sports and sewing

Here in Chicago we've been enjoying  a couple of months of Hockey playoff hysteria.  My husband is a huge Blackhawks fan and I am a bandwagon kind of wife. It's been a lot of fun and has got me thinking about sports.  I never played sports in school for two main reasons; I was there before Title Nine and I have no sports talent.  But everyone can be a fan and I love my teams.  But which has been more beneficial in my life?  For society as a whole?  (Yes, I was up late last night and I might be a little melodramatic this morning.)  At any rate, here are my thoughts as I was comparing sports and sewing and seeing which is best.

Sports/Sewing For Little Kids - Hmm, kids should run around and get exercise.  It's also a good time to learn how to sew.  However, kids like to be active and this is when sports should be at their most fun and pure.  I give sports the nod.cup

Sports/Sewing In Secondary schools - The athletes have risen to the top and a lot of other kids pretty much hate gym class.  Lots of school time, energy and money goes to school teams and games.  This is a critical time when kids who don't have athletic ability could use sewing.  As a matter of fact I am talking about me!  At this point, I would cal it a draw.  Both are helpful in society.

Sports/Sewing In colleges - College sports are training grounds for a few professional teams and provide scholarships for elite athletes.  Other athletes are doing their own exercise, fitness routines or on dorm or frat team.  Football and basketball bring in big money and sometimes big problems to a school.  Problems can be an abusive system or alums slipping money to players.  The college games are super fun even when your team loses pretty consistently.  (Yes, we do have season tickets to watch the Illini lose but hey, this way we get to wear all our orange and blue clothing.)  Sewing is pretty low profile but I would maintain of equal value but I think sports win out at the college level.

Sports/Sewing For adults - Most adults are sport fans by this point.  (And by fan I mean yelling at the TV with snacks and beverages available.)  I am not talking about individual fitness pursuits for adults, just sports.  Sewing comes into its own.  People have their first home of their own which need curtains and quilts.  Children come along who need Halloween costumes and quilts.  Sewing involves much less yelling and less snacks.  Sewing wins for adults by a landslide.

Sports/Sewing for society as a whole - People in Chicago are all smiles this morning, high fiving each other at the office and buying Blackhawk gear like they were bff's with Lord Stanley themselves.  Positive, well yes here today in Chicago.  But in Boston?  Glum faces, crabby families and disgruntled fans abound there.  And these are minor with reactions that other cities have had to sports over the years.  No riots broke out, no cars were burnt and no looting occurred.  (I know, no fun at all.)  Whereas for sewing there are no such massive civic mood fluctuations and after an exhaustive internet search (googled sewing violence) no examples of urban unrest occur because of sewing.  For society sewing provides a steady calm and beats sports handily.

Sports/Sewing role models -  Athletes receive adulation and big bucks.  Their faces are on cereal boxes, commercials and finally TMZ.  They make the apology rounds and sometimes end up in jail.  Their plastic surgery visage end up on reality shows.  Sewing role models?  Betsy Ross, enough said.  Sewing triumphs once again.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's Sewing 3 and Sports 2 plus one tie.  Shockingly this quilter, sports fan that she is, thinks sewing rules.

And that makes me Sew Happy!

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