Celebrating a Quilter's Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated my birthday and it was just wonderful.  I am really lucky that all the people in my life try to give me presents that are special and meaningful to me.  In my first marriage I received from my in-laws gifts that were obviously not chosen with me in mind.  The standouts were  #1. Road runner paper napkins and #2. A book of Leroy Neiman's Playboy and sports art.  Now I get way better gifts!  For those of you who love a sewing enthusiast, let's discuss how you go about celebrating a Quilter's birthday.

I think that no matter whose birthday it is, you ask them what they want.  I had a huge fantasy of going topics the city and eating at Fulton's on the River, a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the Chicago River in the summer.  So good sports that they are, my husband and daughters all trooped into the city.  I got gorgeous shots of the river, my girls and Zara with the river in the background and I was very happy.  This was just a wonderful gift from them to me.   Your favorite quilter probably has a different fantasy. I don't care if it's pb & j in the park, go along with it.  That is a tremendous gift right there. Do, go or eat what the lady wants.  Just for one day and your day will come around.

Next big part of a birthday is the cake, yum!  Again, my family asked me, what kind of cake do you want?  I BDRE2requested Red Velvet which gave my daughter and husband pause.  I almost always request chocolate so they wanted to be sure. Cake was ordered from my favorite bakery (Fleckensteins) and Emily told them I liked quilts, tea and reading and to decorate in one of those ways.  They made me a scrumptious cake with such a cute tea theme.  We had it on Sunday at a joint Bday/Father's Day lunch at my Dad's house.   And everybody but two people ate it to celebrate with me.  That's another way you celebrate a birthday, you have some cake/porridge/pie/tofu that is her favorite and you wish her well.  It's a birthday gift of mutual celebration.  Don't turn your nose up at her choice, your day will come!

I got wrapped up presents as well many of which did not relate to quilting  Some, however, did. My youngest daughter was living in Spain until that weekend so she purchased my gift there.  Shebdre4 got me 3 different blue and white fabrics because she knows that is my favorite combination.  It was so fun to have Spanish fabrics and even more fun to have her pick a present that she knew I liked, not what she wanted me to have.  Gifts aren't necessary but for goodness sake, make it something that person will like.  No generic food gifts unless the person requests them.  If it is too hard for you to exchange wrapped gifts, just go with the idea of celebrating the way the quilter wants and spending time with her.

BDRE1My husband is always good to me, too good really.  He has completely spoiled me and I hope he never stops! He has gotten me super quilty gifts over the years.  This year I got EQ 7 and as I write this blog on my laptop, he is installing the software on my desk top. I am even all signed up for lessons.  In the past he has gotten me a Featherweight, a Bernina and a Thread Cabinet so maybe he should be writing the post on celebrating a Quilter's birthday.  No, I will keep writing, I need that software installed!

I also was lucky enough to get a quilt for my birthday.  Yes, you read thatbdre5 correctly. My friend made me a quilt and it's  in blue tones because she knows I love blue.  No one but Marge Kumaki has ever made me a quilt!  Thanks Marge!  See it on the right?  It's all mine and I didn't even make it!

Whether your loved one is a computer geek, an ultimate Frisbee player or an opera aficionado, celebrate with her in a personalized meaningful way.  Oh, and take a piece of her cake, OK?

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I have another post with more gift ideas if you're still searching.  Click here to read it.  And my thread cabinet?  Click here.

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