6 month milestone bib

Six months is a big milestone in the life of a baby.  Half a year makes a big difference for a newborn.  Each month has been a milestone in Zara's life and I've made a bib for each one.  It was fun to plan this month's and know that I am halfway through making her special bibs.  If you want to read how it all began, here's a link to the first bib.  For a look at last month, click here.  But hold on, now we are going to learn about the 6 month milestone bib.

fabricreEvery month has a holiday or traditions associated with it.  Since Zara was turning 6 months old in June, my mind turned to what I thought of when I thought of June.  Brides?  Hardly a suitable theme for a baby bib.  School's out?  Again, didn't seem like a good choice.  How about baseball and strawberries?  I think of both of these happening in June so I bought fabrics of both of these and decided I would see which tickled my fancy as I started the sewing process.

bib6mreAs you can see, baseball won for both sides of the bib.  The strawberries cubibredidn't even reach number status.  On the back I used some of my ever so precious Cubs fabric.  I know some of you are rolling your eyes because the Cubs are not your baseball team.  If so, then think of it, your every wish has come true, we have the longest losing streak for the World Series of any team  Yet, our whole family loves them and we are passing this love/affliction onto Zara.

I really can't promote the idea of these bibs enough for the baby in your life.  So many infants take pictures each month in the first year and these bibs just make these milestones even cuter.  Plus Zara now has 6 bibs built up already.  (Bibs don't work right now for her meals, that cereal has to be eaten while wearing only a diaper!)

6bibreHere she is, modeling both sides of the bibs.bibre6

Can't you just see your favorite baby in a keepsake you've made for her in the fabric of your choosing?  And the pictures, they are super fun to post on Facebook!

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