Why I don't sew for money

I love to sew and make quilts, adore it. My job was and part time still is teaching Spanish and French. Sewing is an awesome hobby, it is definitely not how I earn money and I plan to keep it that way.  I sew for people I love or when I feel like it and then I give it away.  Let explain why I don't sew for money.

  1. Bad initial experience - I sewed for money one year when I couldn't find a summer job.  It was awful.  My Jr. High Social Studies teacher wanted me to design, purchase the fabric and sew a dress for her which was "cool, just touches my shoulders, is bright and has no zippers, buttons or other fasteners."  So I tried to follow these vague directions and she kept having me remake the elusive perfect garment.  I finally collected the money I had spent on fabric, gave her the not quite right dress and called it a day.  Best lesson I ever learned from a teacher.
  2. Customer service - I don't want to know if you have decided you no longer like what I made, if something frayed, came apart or you just have buyer's remorse.
  3. Deadlines - I sew on my schedule which basically has no stress.  If I don't get a baby quilt done by the birth, oh well, I deliver it later.  Missed my daughter's wedding quilt date by years, sorry!  No one can complain that you are not making their present fast enough.moneyre
  4. Boredom - Maybe I don't want to make 45 of the same baby quilt.  Maybe I am onto table runners now.  I have made party favors and I get bored halfway through the project. Repetition is not my sewing favorite.
  5. Creativity - I want to take chances, learn new things and try new combinations.  If I was fulfilling customer orders, I would have to make what they want.
  6. Quality - I buy really expensive all cotton fabrics from terrific sources.  I use Italian thread.  I have really expensive sewing machines.  I lose lots of money on my hobby.  If I was trying to make a profit, I would be cutting corners, buying what was cheapest and making what I could produce quickly.  That's not as much fun for me.
  7. Valuing my time and sewing - It costs a lot to produce a great product.  People have no idea, sewing is not cheaper, you just can get exactly what you want.  Everyone wants a bargain, no one would pay for the raw materials I use let alone my time.
  8. I take compliments with a grain of salt - People always say, oh you should sell these!  I think they mean, that's nice.  I no longer listen to their words but try to hear the praise instead
  9. Business details -I love sewing, not packing, billing, shipping and marketing.
  10. Luck, Lack of need - I taught for 35 years, I get a pension.  I teach part time, I get little paychecks.  My husband works and so far, his bosses pay him.  Should the State of Illinois take away my pension, I might be writing a new post entitled "Shop at my Etsy Site"  but until then we have enough money for fabric and food. Well, fabric anyway.

I consider myself very fortunate that I get to keep my hobby, my hobby.  For the many of you who have made the opposite decision, I say hooray, good choice.  We all can make the decision that works in our life.  I hope you make lots of money!

Either way, for money or for a hobby, sew happy!

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