Owl baby quilt - part one

owlre0This post is about a owl baby quilt, nothing to do with any restaurant chain so to those of you whoowlre00 clicked on the link in error, welcome.  Sewing is even better than Hooters.  I am making another baby quilt and it is from my favorite book one more time.  But it's from a new page, I finally got that first pattern out of my system.  (You can see space quilts here or here.)

I was inspired to make this quilt when I saw this fabulous Owl fabric.  I have a friend whose daughter is expecting a baby and she had loved an owl outfit that Zara was wearing.  Plus, even if she didn't I loved the owlre1fabric.  I spotted this grouping at a brand new fabulous quilting store and it was only 35 minutes from my house.  I joined their mailing list and went home one happy quilter.  The next week I got my first email, announcing their closing.  What?  I guess I should have bought more fabric!  It feels a little ghoulish to go to the going out of business sale.  Ever felt that way?  No, just me?

One of my favorite parts of a new quilt is the beginning and this was no exception.  I cut all the strips and read the directions.  It had the focus fabric being stripped with the green owlre2fabric and then cut up and going in opposite directions.  This was a problem for my focus fabric as it was directional.  (I had issues where I had to do fussy cutting on the farm quilt with directional fabric as well.)

owlre3Instead of making two strips with green on each side, I made one.  Then I cut the remaining focus fabric strip cut into the final block size, turned in the correct direction and then sewed the green strips on each side.  Can you see what I did in this picture?  You always have to think ahead when you have a directional fabric.

After I cut those all up, I sewed the other owl fabric on each side.  And really that is about it, there are two blocks in this quilt, that's all.  Pretty easy, yes?  I love the quilts in this book!  It has inspired me to think of my own designs and not just using precuts.  I have this paper doll fabric which is percolating in my head.  owlre4

owlre6I laid out the blocks and stitched them together.  The only thing I had to worry about was making sure the seams lay flat.  Ironing is super important in sewing.  So I am lucky that I love ironing, I really do!  (No, I am not nuts...well...maybe a little bit.)

I have this cutie on the Gammill and I have known how to quilt it since I saw the fabric.  I already started quilting 00 and OO all over it, owl eyes!  I am glad I didn't have any issues as I want to have this quilt all done by Sunday!owlre7

I will post the finished quilt soon, front and back because the owl fabric on the back is probably my favorite of them all.

Plus that paper doll fabric is calling my name.  This is what is so great about sewing, I usually have one project I am finishing, one I am starting and one in my head.  That one in my head is always the perfect one. There are other instances in life like that besides sewing.  Travel is like that also, before a trip I anticipate it, on the trip, I see all the sights and after the trip I remember it.

Be it a hobby, a job or a trip I hope you have something that lights up your brain and releases your creativity.

Sew happy!

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If you enjoyed this post, here's an update. You can click here to see the final post on this quilt.

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