O.J. Simpson should quilt - ten reasons why

O.J. Simpson wants a new trial, freedom and life.  Instead of spending time and money on lawyers, I suggest he join one of the  Prison Quilting programs.  O.J. Simpson should quilt for the following reasons:

  1. He is obviously good with his hands and could now be threading a needle for real instead of on the field.OJ-Simpson
  2. He  would quiet his mind and relieve stress by quilting.
  3. He would rebrand himself in a completely new way.
  4. He could give back by making quilts for foster children, the elderly or the Linus project.
  5. He could replace Rosie Greer as the most well known former player who stitches.
  6. He could provide the late night comedians new material for lots of jokes.
  7. He could make quilts for his kids and finally do something good for them.
  8. He could pass the time and think about someone besides himself.
  9. He could do some good.
  10. He could finally stop being an embarrassment to himself and his family and do some meaningful work.

Don't believe this is a legit idea?  Check out the article on Men who Quilt. Or read about a prison stitching program in the UK and even purchase their quilts.

If there isn't a program in his prison, he could start one, the Coffee Creek Quilters tell you exactly how to do it here.

I know this sounds funny but I am dead serious, O.J.  (Pun intended.)  You could seriously become a new person.  Contact me, I will help you put this idea into motion.  You know it is better than any ideas you've had lately.

You too, O.J., could sew happy.

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