Kids should take a sewing class - how and why

We signed our kids up for lots of camps and lessons.  Between the 3 girls I carpooled to tennis lessons, basketball camp, gymnastics, cross country, choir, plays, band, track, soccer, French camp, Spanish camp and sewing class.  Yes, all three took at least one sewing class.  Why?  Because we expose our children to a variety of sports, classes and intellectual activities.  Some stick, some don't, some are life skills and some are trendy.  Sewing is a life skill that might just delight your child.   All kids should take a sewing class and you probably can't rely on schools to teach it any longer.  971721_10151464625843227_125544941_n

Let me explain the how and why so your lovely child doesn't end up like the one predicted in this e-card which is being passed around on Facebook.  (It is pretty funny but I think they are forgetting the fish lips skill they also acquire!)

How to accomplish this - Look for lessons or camps at a local quilt store or fabric center. I was just at Gentler Times in Naperville and Joann Fabrics and they both have terrific kid classes, click to see.   They want to create future sewers so they will offer fun projects to make and your child might just find something they adore now or in the future.  If you don't have a machine, buy a Bernette.  It is a budget version of  a Bernina so you can buy it at any Bernina dealer.  I  got one for my step-daughter, the only one who still sews.  (Hey, one out of three, pretty good!  In fact I am thrilled she is a sewer.)

Why athletic children need to sew - Who wants more pep clothes and matching shirts than athletes.  Zig zag stitching down the letters or designs on shirts looks better, costs less and is greener than fabric paints.

Why non athletic children need to sew - Not every child is a potential professional sports player.  Some children are creative and like hands out activities.  Simple sewing lessons allow them to show talent in a unique way.

Why kids who love clothes have to sew - Fashion can begin at home and be personalized by a child who has sewing skills.  Clothing and its design is a great hobby and career path.

Why artistic children need to sew - Fabric is a great way to create art in a hands on, concrete way.  Fabric pictures and banners can lead to textile art.

Why unique kids need to sew - If your child is into comics, anime, graphic novels or different characters sooner or later she will want a costume.  Do you want to make it?  Enough said, sign her up for sewing class.

Why children who don't express themselves well verbally or in writing need to sew - This has the potential to be a fantastic way of expression through their hands as they create beauty or practical items and shine.

Why children whose Mom doesn't or does sew need sewing lessons - If you do sew, it can be a bonding experience.  If you don't it can be a move towards independence.  My Mother didn't sew, I do.  I loved having an ability which my Mom didn't have yet valued.  According to my oldest daughter I was a lousy sewing teacher to her so I will make it up to her and teach her daughter.  (Yes, as a matter of fact I did recently see an adorable child sized sewing cabinet and chair.  Is 5 months too young to start?  Unfortunately it probably is.  Rats.)

Every child will love a unique skill - How many adults do you know that can and do sew?  Don't you wish you could make things for your home, costumes or fun projects?  Allow your child to stand out and find a sewing class this summer.

Sign your child up in those summers before High School when jobs, cliques and activities will claim the summer.  Who knows, your child may love it or not but at least she will have some basic sewing knowledge to fall back on later in life.  Our child who sews today took one class, one summer in Jr. High and returned to sewing a decade later.  Success!  And if it clicks, you can do what my Mom did - get some sewing done for you!

Sew happy!

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