How to spend less time on meal preparation

My goal is to spend less time on meal preparation and more time sewing.  I love to eat but hate to cook.  If you love the process of spending glorious time in the kitchen, this post is not for you. This post is giving ways to spend less time making meals and more time doing what you want.  For me, less time in the kitchen means much more time stitching!

    1. Peapod - I order my groceries from Peapod which in and of itself is a great time saver.  I also think I save money and when I order all the healthy organic food, that is all they send. no last minute packages of cookies thrown in.  They have terrific premade soups, fabulous shish kabobs, delicious pot roast and even yummy rotisserie chicken.  You can get meals that are practically table ready.  Be sure to tip your delivery person!
    2. Grill baby, grill - Get your partner to fire up the grill.  Hamburgers, brats, shish kabobs, chicken, steak, hot dogs and pork chops are easy to grill.  Make a a few sides and you have a meal.
    3. Mexican night - put almost anything in a tortilla plus the healthy stuff and salsa.  It's a fiesta!
    4. Restaurants - if you sign up for frequent dining cards,, living social, Amazon and Groupon restaurants can be relatively fast and not very expensive ways to feed you and your loved ones.  I'm lucky to live in a town with lots of restaurants who have many frequent deals.  We may eat out a bit too much as they pretty much know us by name in many local places.
    5. Breakfast for dinner - I adore breakfast food and who has time to make eggs in the morning?  Quick, delicious and use a pan you can stick in the dishwasher.  There are so many yummy other breakfast foods - pancakes, french toast and yes, cereal.  Serve with juice and fruit!
    6. Mariano's Fresh Market - this is one heck of a grocery store and they have so many unique meals all set to go.  You can get skewers, sandwiches, pot pies and all kinds of ethnic treats.  You might have a different variety of this kind of sexy market and honey, they can save your life.
    7. Sammies and more sammies - who doesn't love sandwiches?  Get healthy fillers and breads (from Peapod :) or anywhere really) and make your own sandwich night is a great dinner.  Sure, give the family some sides.
    8. Fast food restaurants - do not call DCFS.  There are plenty of healthy grilled, fruit and low cal options if you investigate.  Get water instead of pop, fruit instead of fries and look at their nutrition info.
    9. Salad only dinner - ha ha, just kidding.  If I was going to eat one thing it would be popcorn.  Or ice cream.
    10. When all else fails, tell then to look in the fridge, they'll find something.  Anything.  Less time on meal preparation means more time in the sewing room.dinnere


I am sew happy when I am cooking less and sewing more!

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