Farm baby quilt - part one

I finished not one but two farm baby quilt tops, great, yes?  Yes, for the tops, but I have no idea how I am going to quilt them.  I think the space quilts really spoiled me, it was so easy to quilt stars and moons.  I have tried drawing all kinds of farm animals and buildings and boy, do I miss those stars and moons.

farmreThe fabrics are great, I really like them and the colors.  I was a bit hesitant about the yellow bandana inspired fabric but I've decided baby boys and baby girls can both have bandana prints on their quilts.  I also liked the contrast.  It made me want to cut it out right after I had finished ironing the fabrics.  Oops, I just outed myself as one of those quilters who washes/dries/irons all her fabric.  Hey, the guy who cleans out our dryer vents appreciates the business!

I really love cutting out quilts because I can visualize where it is all going.  Plus, once youfarmre (2) have begun the cutting, I am thinking wow, this quilt is practically done.  Now that I blog about it, I love piling them up for the picture!

I finished the focus print squares and zipped the bandana strips on them so quickly and suddenly, I was done with the top.  And then another!  If you've ever made king sized quilts or draperies these baby quilts are just good for your soul, they go so fast! If this quilt looks familiar then you have been following this blog pretty well.  Yep, same pattern as both space quilts.  I often do this, I get stuck on something and just make it and make it until I get it out of my farmre3system.  This quilt will make the fifth and sixth of this pattern.  If you haven't seen the space quilts you can check blog entries on them here or here!

Now I need help, how do I quilt these beauties?  I may just do a meander or something else not farm related because quite frankly, I am not that good at making farms with a longarm!  I will let you know how it turns out but right now I am just stitching in the ditch.  farmre4

And that's the great thing about just getting started, sometimes as I am stitching in the ditch the fabric will talk to me and I will get inspired.  Life is like that, you figure it out on the fly sometimes.  Or figure it out the best you can, some quilts may just be quilted with meandering and when it's a baby quilt made to be put on the floor and the baby laid on them the attraction, that's OK also!

And as always, Sew happy!

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