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I sew for a variety of reasons, I love creating things with my own hands.  I adore having an idea in my head and then seeing it come to be.  I also sew because it makes me feel good about myself, reduces stress and quite simply makes me happy.  But sewing can empower women's lives as I recently learned when I received a catalog from Marketplace Handwork of India.  What I first noticed about the catalog was the beautiful clothing reminiscent of the gorgeous outfits Dame Judi Dench wore in one of my favorite movies, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Then I noticed that many of the items came in extended sizes, oh yes!  For those of us who are abundant in our size needs, it is not always possible to find really different clothing that fits us well.  Then I noticed that it was a not for profit dedicated to helping women in India improve their lives.  Sold!

icre2I ordered three tops at night on April 10th and received them in the mail yesterday, April 15th.  Fast service and better than expected icre3quality and fit.  I love love love them all.  And what do I love more?  This statement from their website about the women who made my tops.  "Empowered with independence and self-confidence, these women become agents of change. And they find the courage, with the support of their cooperative members, to fight for what they believe in. Asserting themselves as decision-makers in their families, they have kept their children in school and out of early marriages, thus ensuring them a better future. They have also become social activists, using the skills they have learned in the workplace to improve conditions in their communities."

Can you imagine your clothing purchase helping someone like that?  Can you imagine that sewing can empower women's lives?  Well imagine it because it is true.  You can read more about this fabulous clothing source on their Facebook page.  Or if you don't care about the dogooder part, what about the clothes, the fabulous comfortable clothes?  I had my husband take my picture after we got home from a blogging event at a Chicago comedy club.  It still looks fabulous after 6 hours!  No, I am not talking about me, I am talking about the top!  Good looking quality tops which help low income women in India use their sewing to improve their lives?  Yes, please.  And I will be back to buy more because as important as my sewing is to me, this sewing is saving women and their families.  icre1

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Sew happy!

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