Quilters and divorce

Quilters and divorce seem an odd pairing of words.  This is not about anything current in my life, I am happily married to the love of my life.  I am very lucky but life was not always so fortunate for me.

Years ago, I divorced my first husband.  At the time, I read several books about divorce and one was written by a fellow quilter. (This was 1996, we read books then instead of doing an internet search.  Yes, it was a long time ago.)  One message I took away from the books was make it fast, this might not seem long to you but it's a lot of time in your children's lives.   And keep all your quilts.  As a result, I protected my girls and my quilts and was divorced in five weeks.  This all came back to me when a fellow blogger was asking about our reactions to a crazy Huffpost article about single parenting.  I am a blogger for her today and you can read that post here.

rezdNo quilt pictures today and my post is actually on another blog so I will at least give you a little quilt chuckle.

No matter whether you are married, single or 'it's complicated' I hope you always Sew Happy!

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