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Boston quilt blocks - with love to Boston, MA

We live in an increasingly violent and inexplicable world where evil manifests itself all too often.  I have no understanding of why thousands of people got up to day to do something as wonderful as run the Boston Marathon and instead ended up in a horrific scene.  Thousands of others woke up to cheer on... Read more »

April kitchen sewing inspiration

April is an odd month here in the Chicago area, particularly this year.  Easter is but a distant memory and Mother’s day not that close, plus the weather is basically awful.  We do have moments, an hour here or there of sunshine which rescues us from sticking our heads in the oven.  April kitchen sewing... Read more »

University of Illinois quilt - stroller edition - part #1

The weather was getting nice here in the Midwest which means we can safely venture out of doors.  As I watch my granddaughter every day, I needed a way to bring her with me.  Off we went to Buy Buy Baby where we bought a stroller to keep at our house, one with orange trim. ... Read more »

Not all quilts can be saved (feel free to substitute other words for quilt)

Not all quilts can be saved, or in my case, not all quilt tops.  I used to have this romantic view of finding a quilt top of some anonymous quilter from the past and saving it.  I would pluck this diamond in the rough from obscurity, spruce it up, quilt it and have a treasure. ... Read more »

4 Month Milestone bib - a DIY project

A 4 month milestone bib marks a big event in a baby’s life, I know it did in the baby in our life!  Zara is 4 months old and she can hold her head up, sortof turn over, loves her feet and drools like a champ! To make your own 4 month milestone bib all... Read more »

Quilting signs - a week in the life of a quilter

Monday - not off to a good start.
Some people make their decisions by “signs” that seemingly lead them in the right direction.  What signs I wondered?  Then it hit me, quilting signs, duh!  So for the past week, I let my quilting signs make my decisions and you know, those people interpreting the signs, they might just be on to something! Sew... Read more »

Quilting reduces stress

Quilting reduces stress for me and beats a lot of other ways I’ve used to reduce stress.  Ever engaged in retail therapy?  Uh huh, me too, in a major way at one point in my life.  In the long run I found it didn’t really reduce my stress.  Ever tried to eat your way to... Read more »

Mark Lipinski's anti-Spanish tweet

@tide If I wanted to watch your commercials in Spanish I’d watch Telemundo.Knock it off.I find it insulting. — MarkLipinski (@MarkLipinski) April 4, 2013 I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this tweet.  The Mark Lipinski?  The super cool quilter with a million followers whose magazine I subscribed to before it folded?  The guy... Read more »

My "quilter's block" - how to get unstuck

I think I may have quilter’s block or then again, I may have just turned into a lazy sewer.  Are you thinking Quilter’s block, oooh, what new pattern is that?  Then don’t oooh or ah anymore, I have not being sewing anything.  Zilch, nada.  I am like the writer who cannot write, who stares at... Read more »

Roger Ebert the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest and me

Roger Ebert was an inspiration to me in many ways.  He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, my alma mater as well.  His PBS program with Gene Siskel showed me a new way to look at films and their thumbs up, thumbs down has become part of the vernacular of our lives.... Read more »
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