My "quilter's block" - how to get unstuck

I think I may have quilter's block or then again, I may have just turned into a lazy sewer.  Are you thinking Quilter's block, oooh, what new pattern is that?  Then don't oooh or ah anymore, I have not being sewing anything.  Zilch, nada.  I am like the writer who cannot write, who stares at the blank screen.  I am not staring at my sewing machine, I simply and suddenly don't feel like sewing, nothing is exactly the right project.  I am stuck, I have quilter's block!  I have had the whole week off, 8 days now without watching Zara and I have not made one darn thing.  I KNOW!  I am ashamed.  When I was watching her I was a super productive sewer, racing up to the sewing room before I went over and the second I got home.  Now, I get up late, poke through breakfast and then go on the computer.  Blinking my eyes hours later, I decide it's time to go out for lunch.

This has to STOP.  To help myself, I went out and bought some new fabric.  See what a clever quilter I am?  I might not be sewing but by golly I am still buying fabric.  I am helping my local quilt stores and the economy, yep, that's exactly what I am doing.  It didn't help.

I wrote a list of all the sewing I want/need to do.  It didn't help.

One of the women for whom I have fabric to make a baby quilt went into false labor.  It didn't help.

reznycSo I decided to choose two groups of fabric and I don't get to go back on the computer until I have started a project with one of them.

The first group is this fun NYC fabric I got at City Quilter a couple of years ago and have been saving for, you guessed it, "just the right project" and that project is going to start soon or I may never get to update my Facebook again!  DSC02478 001

The second group of eligible fabric is this darling selection of paper doll fabric.   I bought the doll fabric at a huge sale at my local quilt store probably 8 years ago.  Hey, sometimes I don't like to rush into a project.  In my "get myself going effort", I purchased the red dots and the creamy sortof dotted fabric on the left.

If to cure writer's block, you need to just write then to cure my blockage, I need to get sewing.  Let's say whatever project I choose is lousy, oh well.  Just get out there and get sewing.  I think just doing the process, just sewing, will get those creative juices flowing again.  I need to be covered in thread again and fast.  I will be curing my "quilter's block" and getting unstuck today.

But first, maybe I should go out to lunch?

Sew happy!

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