Blackhawk Love Quilt - my 100th quilt

Remember the heart quilt?  Now it is the Blackhawk Love Quilt.  And remember how it was for me? Now it is my husband's.  But I am getting ahead of myself, I often do when writing about quilts, I just get pretty darn excited.  I have written about the heart quilt three times, check out the post for the borders or  the top or back to the beginning for the blocks.  I have been quilting that quilt for a few weeks now.  I did geometric designs in the borders, free hand hearts in the lattice work and template hearts in the blocks.  I also stitched in the ditch for every square, border and heart.  There is a fair amount of quilting but it's all worth it because I will finally have a Valentine's quilt, like the two girls do.  Wrong!

bhlre1Last night I finished sewing down the last piece of binding and as always I asked my husband to hold up the quilt.  He is the perfect size for holding up a quilt - 6'6" with a giant arm span.  He held  it up and he was looking at it.  This was a bit unusual as he has been know to hold them upside down with barely registering what is in his arms.  He remarks how much he likes the colors.  Notices they are the same as the Blackhawks, one of his top teams.  I was listening but I was also looking at the quilt and how pleased I was with it.  I loved the border fabric and the binding, I was glad I had ordered both when trying to pick out the borders.  I was also pretty darn excited because this is my lucky number 100 of quilts I have made.  Yep, I have made the century mark and it only took 30 years.  I started quilting with lessons paid for by my Mom for my 30th birthday; she died 2 weeks later so it was quite the final gift.  I won't be 60 for 2 more months so one hundred quilts in slightly less than thirty years.  I will make two hundred quicker, I just feel it!

Then he holds up the back and even notices that the back is not just one fabric.  I was also noticing that and how tickled I bhlre2was with how it turned out.  I am actually pleased the red wasn't wide enough for the back, I got to be creative.  I usually do just use one fabric as by this point, I am jumping to complete the quilt and piecing a back does add to the time.  I'm under a bit of pressure here to complete my second hundred quilts!

When the photo shoot was over, Cliff bundles up the quilt and says who is this for?  Is it for me?  I said, sure you can have it if you want.  Happily, he trots off to his chair and wraps up in it.  So there you go, off went quilt number one hundred to the love of my life.  And he loves me plus he loves the Blackhawks hence the name of this beauty, Blackhawk love quilt.  Which works for me because now I can make another heart quilt and keep the guy who makes my heart go pitter pat all warm while he watches the Blackhawks in the bhlre3playoffs.  If they win the Stanley cup again, part of the credit will have to go to the quilt, yes?

I will then offer my services to the Hawks as their quilting consultant, quilt guru. They can tender my contract offer on my Facebook page. In fact, the rest of you can contact me there also! Post your thoughts, your quilts or your loved ones wrapped up in quilts.

Sew happy!

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