Vintage and Modern Blue and White quilts - always popular

Vintage and modern blue and white quilts are my favorites and I am lucky to own a number of them. Just two colors? Yes! The sharp color contrast appeals to me as it did to many quilters at the end of the 1800's. Indigo was such a superior dye that many women made blue and white quilts plus I am sure that it didn't hurt that at the time a very influential and popular group, the WTCU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) had as their colors blue and white. I wonder if they latched onto a popular combination or if it helped it become popular.

bwre1My first vintage blue and white quilt was given to me by my Mother from her own collection. Well, given might be a strong word. When I was first teaching, I was having all the women teachers to my house for a luncheon on an institute day. (We had a very enlightened principal who gave us 2 hours off for lunch in between a shortened day and the meetings and yes, the coaches may have tipped a few on their free time.) I had made the food over the weekend and my Mom said she would come and set the tables while I was teaching in the morning. I was stunned when I returned home - she had outdone herself and set one table with a blue and white quilt her mother had made. Somehow that snowball pattern quilt just stayed with me and I love it. I have had it out somewhere in every place I had ever lived.

That inspiration led to a heart quilt for my Dad and my oldest daughter. I know, you've seen heart quilts before and honey, you are going bwrez2to see them again because I have made tons of them. I love them and you will learn to love them also.  I am glad that I made two of these but why oh why, didn't I make three so I would have one?  I think at a certain point it didn't occur to me that the kids would leave home and take their quilts with them.  Or maybe I am just greedy about quilts!  I want to give them away and yet, still have them also.

What else do I love?  Besides chocolate, I mean?   Tea and coffee, yes, I am an equal opportunity caffeine imbiber. I made this tea bwrez4cup quilt for my sewing room and the coffee cup quilt as a friendship with a friend of mine.  I love them both and have the coffee cup within an arm's reach of my chair where I sit at night and watch TV with my husband.  (After I am done sewing and fiddling around on my computer!)bwrez3

One thing that I discovered while fiddling around on my computer is that vintage and modern blue and white quilts are not just popular here, they are also popular in other countries.  Check out these fabulous blue and white quilts in Hungary.

For my final example of my own personal collection of vintage and modern blue and white quilts I have  my blue and white sailboat quilt which I have featured before but hey, I am more than willing to show it again because I love it so much.  Such clean lines but the white fabric is showing quite a bit of wear and bwrez5tear.  Oh well, I will keep it out on my sofa anyway.

I want to make another modern  blue and white quilt but I wanted to have every block use a different different blue and white fabric.  I suggested, asked for and even sent links to family members to give me a half yard of any blue and white cotton for any gifts they wanted to give me, Christmas or birthday.  My daughters did it but somehow I just kept getting a lot of food presents so I have decided to just collect them on my own.  When I get them all I will make another new blue and white quilt but don't worry, you will get to read all about it.

Vintage and modern blue and white quilts,  you can never have too many of them.
Sew happy!

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