State of Wonder dragonfly apron, table runner and napkins completed

I love reading and I love sewing and having book clubs makes them come together for me.  I think many activities we enjoy are best when paired with another favorite, be it a pal to do it State of Wonderwith, another language to hear about it in or a snack to crunch along with the fun. Combinations just enhance the fun or why else would peanut butter and jelly be so darn popular?

The sewing for State of Wonder was wonderful and a tiny bit stressful.  I loved being able to finally use some special fabric I had saved for at least 15 years.  Here's the picture of the fabrics I had in a previous post. rezdrf But I took over for someone who could no longer host so there was a time issue and three month old Zara just doesn't think it is all that fascinating to sit in her boppie and watch me sew.  (Kids nowadays!)

I had two yards of one of the fabrics so that made the napkin decision.  The scraps from the napkins would be the border on the table runner so that meant each of the other four fabrics would be a featured block.  In my ideal world. I wouldn't have two light valued fabrics next to each other but nothing else in my life is ideal so what the heck.  I decided to quilt in Dragonflies and to quilt around the dragonflies in the fabric.  Here's a detail of it, I was pretty darn happy with it.  As I created the table runner I thought about Dragonflies and even researched them on the web.  This site was my favorite and I loved the idea of the symbolism of a dragonfly which is on the cover of the book.  I think for this book, the dragonfly as a symbol of "Defeat of Self Created Illusions" really fits.df1re

df2reThe characters in this book and myself can all defeat our self created illusions and one of mine was the uber importance of these fabrics so I was happy to finish this apron.  The fabric was glittery and stiff so it's a good choice for an apron, the mythical quilt for which I was saving it wouldn't have worked.

I love the way the table runner looks with the napkins.  I can't wait to set the table on Sunday morning.  I even got some tulips to perk up the event.  Yes, I know they are not tropical but hey, they were available.   I will post pics in my next blog of how it all came together!   I have spent so much time sewing that I decided I didn't have time to cook, I ordered the cake from my favorite Bakery and the food from my preferred cafe.  Cause I am like the dragonfly, I have defeated any self created illusion that I have to be the perfect chef for book club.  If the food is good and fits the book, I don't have to have made it.df3re

Now the sewing, oh yes, I do have to do that!  Especially when dragonfly fabric is involved!

Sew happy!

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