State of Wonder book club - what to sew and serve

Today was the book club meeting for State of Wonder and we had a great discussion using these questions and a wonderful time.   I am pretty sure it is because of the Dragonfly sewing I did ahead of time, fine maybe it was just the right book, the right people and then the sewing?    ( If you missed the Dragonfly sewing, it's the blog entry before this one.)   If you are planning on doing a State of Wonder book club then AFTER the sewing I think you have to figure out what food you want to serve - Minnesota food or Brazilian food?  Or  both!  Here's what we ate.


We had Brazilian cheese balls, very easy to make.  Here's the recipe we used.  OK, fine, my daughter actually made them, there was no "we" in this except that I ordered the tapioca flour from Amazon.  They were delicious and my husband warmed up the leftovers in the microwave and loved them reheated, contrary to what it says in the recipe.

For the main dish I researched food from Minnesota and I found that "hot dish" is very big there, or what I would call a casserole.  Wild rice also comes from Minnesota and in the bookstre4 they go to a restaurant and eat chicken and rice.  I have a wonderful caterer near me, Caffe Milan.  I asked her if she could make a Chicken and Wild Rice casserole plus a tropical fruit salad and she did a tremendous job on both.  If you like to cook (which I don't) I think both of these would be easy and fun!  Here is how everything looked with the all important dragonfly table runner.

stre5Now I know what you are thinking, what about dessert?  Excellent question.  By now you a have figured out that I probably didn't cook it, correct.  I went to Fleckenstein's Bakery and asked them to make a jungle themed banana cake for club and to celebrate my sister's birthday.  Isn't it terrific?  And it tasted even better.

Before everyone got there I set the table using the dragonfly napkins plus a tropical pareo which true, isn't from South America but it added to the spirit of the table.  I was pleased with how it all worked out  and then I added Gummi worms because in the book, weren't there just bugs everywhere?  I had tulips but I wish I had had something more exotic - you can do that at your book club!  And send me pictures!  I didn't take any pics of me in the dragonfly apron but I wore it!  stre2

Life is good - great books to read and discuss with friends while eating delicious food on hand sewn linens.  OK, next book club coming up is Pride and Prejudice.  Any sewing suggestions?

Sew happy!

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