Quilt books are essential for a Quilter

Most of my quilting life I have been a solitary sewer.  I worked full time, had kids and so I couldn't go to Guilds, conventions or workshops.  I would get to classes for inspiration and I rezqbwould buy books, gobs and gobs of books.  Books and I have a lifelong relationship, they are marvelous companions.  I have a cook book shelf, a shelf for my language books, books on my night stand and big old bookshelves in the great room.  Here's my quilt book shelf with almost 30 years of acquisitions.

I know that nowadays there is Pinterest and Blogs, obviously I love both.  I love the tutorials on blogs and the inspiration on Pinterest but I adore them in addition to books.  Blogs are like immediate for me, I track down something I need help making, I bookmark it and do it pretty darn quick.  Pinterest fills my head with possibilities.  Internet sources may or may not be there tomorrow.  Blogs get taken down, addresses are no longer supported or other technological problems make them ephemeral in my opinion.  My books have been around for 30 years and will outlive me.  My girls will be looking for places to unload them long after I am gone!  rezb1I keep them by my chair, flip through them in my sewing room, drag them to different places with me and sometimes forget about them and rediscover them.  Here are four which have been spending time in my head lately.

I just bought this book Sunday and in my head, I have made at least four of them and then changed them a bit and made four more.  They are perfect for babies and fine, I admit it, I have purchased fabric for four quilts in here already.  And yes, I do think I will get around to making them.

I heart Blue Underground and want to be bff with the authors.  They came to my guild and I was immediately smitten.  I have only made one of these quilts so far and have fabric for one more.  After that, maybe a dozen?rezb3

I have made three quilts from City Quilts and that has just begun to scratch the itch.  I have rezb4tons of green, blue and yellow solids left over so I know there are at least 3 more I am going to make from this fabulous book.

I have not made any from this book because I cannot choose, I love them all too much.  I see a future Zara dragging around one of their quilts, I just don't know which one yet!rezb2

If you quilt or sew and find ideas online, I urge you to also consider books.  Keep them next to your bed, lug them around in great looking bags and refer to them over and over again as the years go by.  Even if you never make an exact quilt from the book, the inspiration has entered your head and will someday manifest itself in a lovely way that you may not even realize.  Then recommend your favorites to me, please and thank you.  My bottom shelf has room since I moved the Quilt books for children to its own Zara basket.  A nearly empty shelf, what a tantalizing and delicious time I will have filling it.  Help me out, send me your suggestions!  I quilt, therefore I read, yes?

PS - Did you notice I took all the book pictures sitting on a table I bought at Homegoods?  I had to have it because the tiles made a quilt block and it was blue and white.  I keep it in my sewing room and usually have a book on it!

Sew happy!

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  • Having your quilt books helps when you need an idea for a quilt. The baby one will for sure come in handy.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I can't wait to make more baby quilts! Never enough fun sewing time.

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