March sewing with an Irish flavor

It's always fun to change things around in your house and holidays/seasons are great themes.  If you are Irish like yours truly then the month of March is even more fun.  Whenever I see an Irish themed fabric or a great green, I pick it up.  Unfortunately a lot of the Irish themed fabric out there is generally poor quality and thread count with beers and glitter making marrez1some of them even more garish.  When you see a winner, buy a couple of yards and make something for your house to perk it up as winter transitions to Spring.

My condo door changes at least 12 times a year and this is what is up there right now, it is even hand quilted.  I used some subtle Irish fabrics but mainly stuck with the kite motif that the pattern suggested.  Once inside I have my Irish dishes on the sideboard, Irish dish towels and Irish table linens.  I made the tablecloth from a 54" wide fabric I found at Joann Fabrics.  The place mats need to be marez3updated/replaced.  I used strips of the fabrics which I sewed together and cut up moving a strip to the end each time I sewed some together.  I made 9 of them because that was how many it worked out to make from the strips.

From that same group of fabrics I zipped up that quickie table runner that is so popular.  When I update the place mats I will update the table runner, my issue is fabric!  I really can't find outstanding Irish fabric.  Let me know if you see any, in the meantime I will stick with what I have.mare4

My favorite Irish sewing I have ever done is this Irish chain hand quilted with shamrocks in the white blocks.  I made it for my daughter and I didn't use any Irish themed fabric at all, just some really bold greens.  This may be the way to go for my updates.  This quilt is in pristine shape and it is over twenty years old, I think it has been on the bed for maybe one March and was recently used as the back drop for Zara's 3 month pictures.  I understand the impulse to keep quilts folded away and good forever as it sure worked with this Quilt.  But what if it had been loved to death and used?  I could just make another one!  I hope Zara gets to use this quilt or Emily does because fabric is fragile, it will eventually start to deteriorate and why not have that be from love?marez2

Our houses and decorations change with time, the seasons and according to our own personal heritage or interests.  Make cool stuff you love and put it out there, use it, wash it and use it again.  Your tastes will probably change anyway, you might as well wear those Irish items out.  I know I have, hooray, now I can shop for more fabric.  I would keep blogging but I need to shop and sew with an Irish flavor.  Erin go bragh!

Sew happy!

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