It's Donna Day at Chicago Now - Sew it's time to give and care

cancer_sucks_pin_pinkIt's Donna Day where those of us who blog with Sheila Quirke support her efforts to remember her daughter who died of cancer at age 4 by soliciting donations for a terrific cause, St. Baldrick's.  Those of us who have buried a child have joined a club we never wanted to be part of.  But that awful club is even worse when you see your child go through treatments and not win the fight.  That Sheila and her husband have chosen to be positive and try to help other children takes my breath away.  You can read their story here.

I know this blog is normally about quilting but the community of parents who love their children and want to help other children, that's a pretty magnificent quilt of humanity.  Wouldn't you like to join it?  You can read about their charity here and St. Baldrick's here.   Or you can help out by donating here.StBaldricks-logo

Thanks for reading and sharing this story.  Thanks a lot if you donated or encouraged others to do so.

Next blog, after we have all donated, we'll talk about quilts again.

Sew go donate!

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