Borders make the difference

Borders can make all the difference in a quilt top which just doesn't seem right.  My heart quilt was way too "hot" - it just seemed so extreme once I put the heart blocks with the black and red lattice/cornerstones.  Do you remember the heart blocks?  They were featured in this blog.  Then I showed how to put the top together in this post.  And now here we are almost a month later!  However, it is nowhere near Valentine's day 2014 so I am doing fine.  See how good I am about rationalizing fluid deadlines?  But hey, I had shopping to do.  I needed a border that would cool down the sharp contrast between the blocks and the lattice work.  Plus, I wanted to make it look a little snazzier, a little more up to date.  I just wasn't satisfied with the top, I liked the blocks but not all together.  Sometimes when the pieces are better than the whole, you can save it with just the right border.

choirez1Here are the three fabrics I had to choose from.  I put all of them next to the top.  Which one would you have chosen?  If you have trouble deciding, I always do the elimination method, I kick one out first.  I wanted to have the quilt look a bit more modern, a medium value to counterbalance the dark/light values and bring in all the colors.  I decided the grey and black flowers needed some red and the fabric wasn't very modern next to the top.  I threw it out first and put it with my stash of grey fabrics.  (Which now that I think of it, I need to replenish the solid greys, stop, focus Kathy!)choicre2

Now I was down to two fabrics and this was a hard choice.  Both had the medium cooler value I was seeking.  Both had the red and the black in there.  And I liked both!  What to do, what to do!

When I have trouble deciding I always take each fabric and make it look like it is the border and this made me choose the Hip 2 b square fabric.  It just looked better.  I was a little afraid that the dots wouldn't choirez3break up the bowling shirt vibe I was getting off this top.

When you spread out a fabric just the right way, it looks almost sewn and you get a really good idea of what it will look like all put together.  Phew, found a fabric I liked and eliminated the competition.  But I did like that dot fabric so I decided while it wasn't enough for the back of the quilt, I could use it on the back.  I love the way people piece the backs now.  I had a bunch of that red Merimekko fabric left over from the heart quilts I made my daughters.  This quilt was wider than 54" so I cut it in half lengthwise and cut a 12.5 inch strip of the dots.  It wasn't as long.  Rats.  Wait, I had some leftovers of the border.  And voilà the back.  bacrez

There is a reflection in the picture and I didn't realize it until I had the back on the Gladys and it was too late to take another picture.  I was so enthused with piecing this back that I briefly considered cutting up the red panels and inserting more in them but I made myself stop.  What I had done so far was from necessity, I wasn't really looking to have a reversible quilt.  (However, it's an interesting idea for a future quilt!)

Now all I have to do is quilt it.  It won't be as fast as the boy quilts.  Oh yes, thanks for asking I did finish quilting the second Space quilt.  I had to so I could load this one on and here it is.  I am very pleased that the borders make the difference, the value is much better and it's perkier.


I am floating the batting and the top right now but there is a part of me that wants to clamp that top on the other roller.  It is quite a bit bigger than the boy quilts.  I just started floating tops with those two and table runners.  I liked the control it gave me so much that I am thinking I will keep it up.  But just to make sure, I came down from the sewing room and left it there to "marinate" while I make sure that's what I want.

I have about ten days in front of me with no babysitting of Zara as my daughter is on Spring break.  Will I get more sewing done or does having limited time actually make me more productive and efficient?  We shall see!  I will also show you this quilt when it is all quilted and bound because right now I am wondering, which fabric will I use to bind it.  See why this is such a great hobby?  There is always something to think about!  The binding choice isn't as important as the borders which did make the difference.  Phew!

Sew happy!

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