Baby Boy Space quilt - easy and done!

The super cute baby boy Space Quilt is done and it was a treat to sew and quilt.  From cutting to quilted it was fun to make and turned out great.  I saw the little guy who is getting it on Saturday and even though he's only a month old, he looked like he was yearning for a quilt, in fact I think I saw him mouth the words "Need a Baby Boy Space Quilt" to me but I could be mistaken.  With all the March Madness going on finishing up this quilt helped me get through the weekend without having a heart attack over my beloved Illini.

bqreHere is the finished quilt, don't you love it?  I do too!  I quilted stars and moons into it.  The stars are really good and the moons, well, bananas are good in a Baby boy space quilt also, yes?  I thought so, you're never too young to keep your potassium levels up!  If you missed the posts leading up to the final product you can find part one here and part two here!

Now I sense a little edge out there in blog readership land.  There's a murmur of hmmmm....I thought you were making two baby boy space quilts?  I am, calm down!  I only have one Longarm and now the second one is on there.  See?  I had the weekend to quilt and bind the first one so it went quickly.  I hope to have the second one off Gladys by Thursday as I am finally moving along on the heart quilt.bqre2

I hope to deliver this bright Baby Boy space quilt tomorrow but he has two older sisters.  I don't want them to feel like chopped liver so I made them little matching aprons so they can be the "big girls" and help Mom with dinner.  (I also made them because I happened to have this fabric left over from a project I did for my younger daughter's sorority a couple of years ago.  But shhh, don't tell them!)   Whenever I bring a present to a new baby, I try to remember to give something to the siblings as well. gare When my youngest arrived from Korea and was flooded with fabulous presents, her older sister was convinced that the whole world was gathered around Shelby loving her while Emily was shunned to a corner and everyone hated her.  Sigh.  Even a super cute baby boy Space quilt isn't worth hurting anyone's feelings!

Sew happy!

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