The importance of a hand written thank you note

tynote2I love cards and send them out fairly frequently, sometimes I put a dollar bill or so in one for a young person.  I love buying cards, blank or for a special holiday.  If they are blank, you can use them for any occasion and you can find them for your interests, tastes or hobby.  Guess what kind I tynote4have?  How did you know?  You can see some of my quilt themed cards from my collection scattered about this post.  If you have cards you really love, I think you are more eager to use them.   I adore cards with a quilt theme and I try to remember to thank people in my own hand writing.  If you are reading this and I owe you a thank you note, I am so sorry!  Let me know and I will send you a note, I have lots of blank ones I can use.  I even have some I created myself from Quilt barn pictures I uploaded on Snapfish.tynote5  Try it yourself with a favorite photograph to keep or give as a gift.  On the inside of the card I have just the quilt part and on the back I give myself photographic credit.  Just another way to enjoy my quilting hobby and combine it with other areas of my life.

Some holidays are made for people who love cards and February 14th is one of them!  Recently I send out 30+ Valentines, a few with money in them.  Yesterday I got the sweetest thank you note from the children of a friend.  What a darling note and what a good Mom she is!  Has anything bad ever happened because of a written thank you note?  Absolutely not, people love to be thanked and even in this world of instant communication, who doesn't like to get real mail?  (I mean, other than bills and advertisements!)  These two children have written me before and this note shows that theirtynote Mom is teaching them gratitude in a meaningful way.  (Please, real gratitude is not a journal, it's showing it and expressing it to others.)  When I get a note like this, I have such positive feelings towards those children and the way they are being raised.  Wow, wouldn't you like your parenting and children to be viewed positively?  Who knows what the ripple effects of that will be in their lives?  I do know that there are people to whom I send less and less or nothing because of a lack of gratitude.  Positive things will result in more positive things.

It is a huge value of mine that a written thank you note be sent in a timely manner but if you want to know, what's in it for ME to write these notes,  I will give you an example from my own life.  My first husband used to get a check from his Aunt for his birthday, 11 dollars when he turned 11, etc.  He got a check for 23 dollars when we were newly married.  I asked him if he needed blank note cards to send her a thank you note.  He scoffed at the idea and said, I never send her thank you notes.  So I did, with some news.  She wrote back, I sent some cards.  She sent a check at Christmas, I kept sending thank you notes.  This went on until we had a baby and they sent outfits and I would send pictures of Emily wearing the clothes.  One year she wrote back, oh we would love to meet Emily.  I replied that we would love it also but the cars were too old, we would come when we had saved the down payment for a new one.  And she sent me the down payment.  We visited!  She sent me the money for airfare to France once year when I won a study scholarship which didn't include travel expenses.  This amazing relationship all began because I sent her a thank you note!  The money is not the point, for me at least, but the relationship was and the good effect it had on me to be grateful.  This was an Aunt that my ex's whole family didn't like yet she and I ended up very chummy!

Write those thank you notes.  What is that?  It takes too much time?  Really, well did you have the time to use and accept the gift?  I think that writing the note will take considerably less time!  Now you have another issue?  How to write the note?  Oh, here's a template -


Thank you for __________________.  That was ___________________(positive adjective) of you.  I will use/spend/enjoy it when I _____________________(activity/action/event).  I hope that will be____________ (time in future.)  Right now I am ______________________________________(tell a bit that is going on in your life.)

Thanks again, ___________________________(you can add love, hugs, etc. and your name.)

tynote3And do it now! Don't make up your own rules of etiquette for how long you have to write them.  My daughter did hers the day after she got married and mailed them as they left the next day on her honeymoon.  People were impressed and no one asked each other, did you get a thank you note from Emily?  No discrete inquiries, did my gift arrive?  Plus it wasn't hanging over her head and her Mother (yes, this quilter) was very very happy!  I gave five wedding presents in 2012 and to date, I have gotten two thank notes and those two couples, they are my favorites!

Whatever language you use, give thanks.  Write it down and send it off plus teach your children to do the same.  tynote6

Thanks for reading, I feel better!  I think I will go write one now myself.

Sew happy!

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