Rex Reed wants attention so he attacks Melissa McCarthy. Who is Rex Reed? Someone without any quilts.

Melissa McCarthy is from Plainfield, Illinois, not far from where I live.  I think she is really funny and I laugh a lot when I watch her in The Mike and Molly Show.  She is also a plus sized woman which  resonates with me because I am as well.  And we both have mirrors and functioning Melissa-McCarthyeyes.  I mention this because apparently some self appointed weight police feels like he needs to point it out to her.

rex-reed--Rex Reed is a has-been, a footnote in film history who tried to act and failed in Myra Breckenridge (Yeah, I had never heard of it either, much less seen it.)  His day has come and gone, back before computers and consumer driven reviews. He is desperately trying to be in the spotlight again by falling back on his favorite trick, being a nasty bully.  He wrote a review of Melissa McCarthy's latest film, Identity Thief where he panned the movie, like many other critics have done.  Knowing that about five other out of touch New Yorkers would read his review without a gimmick, he found one.  He attacked Ms McCarthy not for her talent or lack thereof but for her weight.   He can attack the movie but her weight is off limits yet he feels free to use offensive terms referring to her size.   It's the last prejudice still allowed in America, he wasn't foolish enough to attack someone based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference or ethnicity but instead choose to lambaste her because she is "hippo" and "tractor" sized.  He knew he would get attention and he did.

Doing things for attention is an old trick of Monsieur Reed, he did it when he insulted John Wayne on Dick Cavett in 1969 when he was already behind the times.  He did it when he shoplifted 3 Cd's in 2000 when he was really desperate.  So he pulled it off, he got attention and he must be sighing with pleasure and purring, oh they still care, I still matter.  No, Rex, you actually don't.  Most people don't even know who you are or that you were still alive, let alone writing.  You may have gotten attention for being such a jerk but you know what you will never get?

A quilt.

That's right, no one will ever care enough about you to stitch a special quilt for you.  In fact every day I plan on keeping it up, on not  making you a quilt.  There are so many people and causes I would love to make a quilt for and in fact, in my head, I have.  If I actually had the time there are so many cool people, politicians, stars, writers, teachers and friends who would have my esteem for them made evident in the form of a quilt.  And if anyone ever does happen to give you a quilt, it is because they are just using you to try to get some publicity or attention.  Quilters across the country are busy right now NOT making you a quilt nor ever planning to.  And some of these quilters are plus sized ladies as well and they are judged not by their size.  Instead they are valued for their love, quilting talent and compassion for others.  Love, talent and compassion are just three of a "humongous" number of positive attributes which you lack.

Hippo that, Rex.  (What's your last name again?  And why does anyone care about you?)

Sew happy!


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  • He will also never receive any cookies, candies, cakes, breads or any other baked goods from me. :)

  • In reply to eskibs:

    Hurray! The list of things he will never get is growing!

  • Rex Reed is a has been. He has been a nobody for a long time no matter how hard he tries to make himself relevant.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I know! He needs to go away and be quiet!

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