Knit cable headband

Last Saturday I went to my local yarn store (Yarns to Dye For & More) and took a two hour workshop on how to knit a headband with a cable.  I really went because I wanted to learn how to knit a headband, I didn't really care about the cable.  In fact, I was pretty dubious that I could ever learn how to knit a cable.  I started knitting at age 57 and I have never felt like, yay, let's knit!  I am am more like, Gulp, deep breath, ok, I will try to knit!

Last fall at the U of I football games, my daughter spotted a woman with a blue and orange knit headband and she asked me to make her one.  I was not so sure I could pull this off.  None the less, I found the woman and asked her about her headband which she had NOT made but bought.  I probably should have just bought one and been done with it but where's the fun in that?  And more importantly, where's the blog entry in that?

I have been buying yarn and picking up patterns and asking knitters about these headbands ever since.  This way, I didn't have to actually try and make the headband I was doing research, duh!  Once I signed up and paid for the workshop, there was a deadline on learning how to knit these suckers!  I even mused about excuses I could use to bail on the class.

Of course I went and the teacher, Kim, told us that she had never failed to teach a student how to knit a cable. Ha, I thought, there is a first time rezcfor everything!  We started off and about 30 minutes into the class, I made a cable.  BAM, just like that!  Me, the novice, nervous self doubting quilter trying to knit!  And last night I finished the headband and today I wore it as it was conveniently freezing outside!  Success!  rezc2I have two pictures of my glorious cabled headband, one of the cable and one of the circle.

If I can knit a cable then you can too!  Or do whatever it is that you are pretty sure you cannot do.  Give it a try, you might just surprise yourself and end up with a terrific headband.

Sew happy!





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  • The cable knit band looks great. I am interested to see the next one.

  • Cool!

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