How to make a Valentine's day purse size kleenex cover

I love Valentine's day, I love getting Valentines and I love giving them.  This year I wanted to make a little Valentine treat for a special group of people who make my life easier.  I decided on kleenex covers.  I make them all the time because I don't know a female who can't use one.  Some people (like me) have them in their purse.  Other people put them in their car, their desk or backpack.  Life is full of sneezes and those purse packs tend to disintegrate.  Here are step by step directions for making one, they are fast and easy!rezkc

First of all select two fabrics, one for the outside and one for the inside lining.  The inside peeks out so it is a bit bigger.  Cut the outside piece 6 inches by 7 (or even 7 1/4).  Cut the inside piece 6 inches by 7 1/2 (or 7 3/4 if you have the extra 1/4 on the other piece.)

rezosPut the right sides (or pretty sides) so they are facing each other.  Stitch up the first short side.

Now stitch the other short side, there will be a sortof "bubble" in the fabric as one side is longer.rezts

reztiTurn them inside out so the pretty sides show.

Iron the piece so the lining peeks out on each end.rezir

Fold the piece so it overlaps more or less in the middle and the "tube" of fabric is 3 inches wide. Pin,.

rez3Stitch both of the raw edges.

Turn inside out and put in the purse size kleenex.


Isn't it fabulous?  And so easy!  And inexpensive!  I made them for the Hemingway book club and many other book clubs, holidays and any other excuse I can think of.  I buy my purse sized kleenex from Peapod, package of eight for about 2.80 which can be the price of one card.  It isn't hard to make a nice thoughtful gesture plus keep some noses clean!

Sew happy!

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  • Very informative. I hope the tutorial helps a fellow quilter.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I hope so also! I have used things like this on the web so I thought I should do one.

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