Another idea for an apron to sew

I love aprons with all the fervor of a brand new missionary.  I am a fairly aggressive fan, I think everyone should wear one and part of my evangelistic campaign has been to make them and give them away to the people I love.  Why would I want my friends and family to have spots on their clothes?  If you love someone, make them an apron is one of my mantras of life.

I have made tons and tons from a basic Chef apron pattern I bought in the early 80's.  I like it because it truly is one size fits all, you can line it and it does the protecting job nicely.  rezapn2However, my eyes stray to other apron patterns when I am in fabric stores and last summer I broke down and bought one.  It is not reversible like my old faithful but it seemed pretty darn cute.  I also bought some cute apron fabric - not fabric for an apron but fabric with aprons on it.  So perfect, yes?  I got a second contrast fabric and set about making my new apron.

It was pretty fun and easy, basically a square with trim on it and then a lining square the size of the trimmed original square.  You can add a pocket if you want.  Sew up those squares, turn them inside out, add the straps and you are good to go.  I liked it so much I am making a second one.  Now don't get worried, tried and true is still my favorite but this new one might just be a close second.apron

Admit it, you cook once in a while or you know someone who does.  Make yourself or that person a fun apron.  It can match the kitchen, the table linens or heck, the color of your eyes but everyone needs an apron.  Cook without an apron and the terrorists win.  True story.

Sew happy!

P.S. Thanks to Erin of for the photo tips.  Did you see the clever writing?  Erin and her blog taught me how!


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  • I'm loving the apron! Also, thanks for the shout out!

  • In reply to eskibs:

    Thank you! I did more pictures tonight, I adore that site!

  • I like the new pattern for aprons. I think you will look very cute in the new apron.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I think I may give them as presents!

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