Want more snow? Quilt or sew it!

I've lived in Chicago all my life and we like to think that we have really blustery, snowy, character inducing winters.  This year has been a a bust, basically no snow.  What is this, rezsno4Arkansas?  Chicago in the winter looks like this picture from the Snowmaggedon storm of 2011.  Now that was a storm!  Heck, we got the guy from The Weather Channel to jump while we remained steadfast and resolute.  (Or partied cause there was no work  the next day if memories of my Facebook feed serve me correctly.)


rezsnoWell if the weather is not going to cooperate you are just going to have to "make" your own snow.  How about a snowman?  Those are pretty easy to sew.  I had this on my condo door at the beginning of January.  It was a cute kit my daughter gave me for Christmas one year but you could have any three snowmen and create your own.
I also try to encourage snowmen with this table runner.  I made one for my daughter when she was getting married and I liked it so much I made one for me.  Again, this was a pattern but you could recreate this a million different ways.rezsnw

My final attempt to appeal to the weather gods is this door quilt.  I combined a few different patterns to get the look I wanted.  I pair it with a snowflake door mat and at least there is a window scene on my door if not out my window!


Missing the snow?  Then you may just have to sew your own this winter.

Sew Happy!


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  • I love your winter door quilts. They are such a welcome sight when I come home from work and see your snow quilt hanging on the door.

  • Thanks, me too!

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