Small sewing projects after shortening pants

I am 5'9" tall and my daughters are 4'9" and 5'4"; my pants are always too short and theirs are generally too long.  As long as they wear pants I will not lack for things to sew.  It is the kind of sewing that makes my teeth hurt.  Yes, I know it helps them and yes, I know it's useful and blah blah blah.  I really liked seeing my youngest while she was home from Spain but I do NOT miss shortening all her pants!  Plus I have my office back just as my office, not a multi purpose office/guest room aka Shelby's mess house.

I had to do a few small projects just to feel like I wasn't in some nightmare Quilter's version of Sartre's No Exit and I would be shortening pants for the rest of time.  I looked around my kitchen.  When we redid it, I made new curtains and got a new clock to replace the previous blueberry themed versions.  I love the curtain fabric and I had extra in my sewing room stash.
I spied a napkin holder still using the blueberry fabric.  Sly devil, hiding away because we usually use cloth napkins.
I also spotted a naked kleenex box.  How did this happen?  Wasn't that poor Kleenex box in need of some covering?
First things first, I took the napkin holder apart as I did to make the blueberry covers.  I slipped one side off the pegs and took it upstairs to iron.  Once it was all flat, I could measure the dimensions for both pieces.  I turn over and zigzag stitched all the raw edges.  Turned over the top and bottom and stitched a little channel for the wooden pegs, slipped it on them and voilà, updated napkin holder.
Next, I made the kleenex box holder following my own directions which I worked out when my daughter wanted one for the nursery, it's in another blog post if you want the play by play.  It slipped and this little sewer felt better.
I was no longer just the pant shortening drone, I could create fun little things.  I will do a few more quick project before I start my next quilt.

Sew happy.

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