Easy knit scarf for my husband finished

I retired on a Friday from teaching school for 35 years.  Two days later, the first Monday of my retirement I started my Knitting 101 class.  I was very enthused about adding another skill to my arsenal of home made goodies.

I really sucked at knitting.  I mean I was really really bad.  I could not get the muscle memory of it all and made so many mistakes.  We were supposed to finish the scarf project in the month that we took lessons, 5 classes.  I skipped the last class when we were to present our scarves because I had ripped out and started anew so many times that I barely had an inch done.  It took me a year, yes 12 months, to finish that lousy scarf.  Then someone showed me Size 15 needles and fun fluffy yarn.  I knitted up a bunch of easy scarves and in trezyhe process, built up my muscle memory and my confidence.

My husband then requested a scarf and even went with me to pick out the yarn.   (We bought 3 skeins, I used one.)   The woman who worked there told me to cast on 22 stitches and knit two, pearl two all the way across and for every row.  She said stop when your husband likes the length.  I did just that.  Here is the final scarf.rezsc

And here it is on my wonderful husband.  He wanted it to go with his Illini, Bears and Broncos gear and I think it does just that!rezcliffsc

My only problem is that I have two skeins left and some empty knitting needles.  Enter, Joe, my son in law and also a fan of the Illini and the Bears.  I see a scarf in his future, not his near future but his future none the less.

And this newly confident knitter is taking a class on Saturday to learn how to make a ear warming headband with CABLES!  Yikes!  I can do it!  Stay tuned for further details.

Sew happy!


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  • And what an adorable husband he is...WITH a great scarf!

  • In reply to VickiB:

    He is, isn't he?

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