Super quick last minute homemade gift idea

It's the Eve of the Eve which means it is too late to really make a cute handmade gift, right? Actually no! A friend of mine gave me such a cute handmade gift that I had to share the concept.
She made me a loaf of honey/beer bread and printed out the recipe which she embellished a bit with some marker borders. Then she put the recipe in a frame which she told me to use for pictures of Zara. When she gave me the gift, the bread was wrapped in saran wrap and on top of the frame tied with a festive ribbon. I thought it was such a cute idea.

If you didn't have time to make the product, you could bundle the ingredients together and give them instead of the food. Or it could be directions for making something with the fabric and thread. Or a scapbooking idea with paper and decals.

I like ideas that are personalized and handmade, just a little something to make it for that person! Although for my nephew, I think he just likes cold, hard cash!

Sew happy!

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