Full length drapes for our new Home Office

We live in a two bedroom condo (plus a loft) and one bedroom has been occupied by my youngest daughter since we moved in. We decorated it when she was a sophomore in High School and she enjoyed the heck out of her sanctuary. Then she went off to college and the room became less and less used and more and more of a shrine/storage locker. Since she graduated from college she only spent 5 nights here and as she is now living in Spain we took a long hard look at this space. My desk was in the kitchen and it spilled over everywhere. Time for a new home office! Here's the bedroom before we started to retake the area.
I understand now why some parents leave their kids' rooms as shrines - the stuff! We had to do triage on what was left behind. Jr. cheer leading pants - keep or save? And that was one of the easier decisions!  We packed up 8 bins and put them above the garage along with one of her dressers, the bed frame, desk, etc. She still has the closet with a dresser in it as the last vestige of her storage locker.   I do have my eye on that closet for Christmas decoration storage!  But that's a project for a later day.  On with changing a bedroom into an office!  After having wooden floors installed and painting it "bagel" I took a good hard look at the window.
My older daughter has been forcing me to go L O O O N N G on drapes which takes a lot of fabric and more sewing time!   I purchased 8 yards of silky stripes and 7 yards of room darkening liner so the sun won't hurt them and anyone who sleeps on the pull out couch won't awaken early.  Here's the challenge.
Unlike the drapes I made for our bedroom, I did not put in tabs. I made these just like Emily thought I should, who says an old dog cannot learn new tricks? I also lined them which was the only tricky part.   Once I have the second layer basted in, it's really just a matter of turning over the side hems, adding a bottom hem and putting in a top for the curtain rod.  (That writes way quicker than it sews and there is fabric all over you when you are doing it.)  But it's just a matter of putting in the time.  I did them in one night, and I was glad I did as we just finished the office when our granddaughter arrived.  Life is sure fun and busy, isn't it?  At any rate, here they are!  This is how the room looked the day the furniture arrived.
The fabric is luscious, it ought to be, it was very expensive. Getting the lining basted in so you are only dealing with one "piece" of fabric is the only real challenge.  I was happy I got to savor them before they were just a detail.  We ordered a pull out couch, a desk and some ottomans were moved in here.  One bookcase won't be here until January.  I adore one big element on a wall and I love clocks so this beauty from Pier One has a prominent place behind the sofa.   Here is a look at the finished room.
I love it! And do you see what is tucked over on the left hand side? It was my Christmas present, Cliff gave it to me early since it fit the room so perfectly! It's a thread cabinet! One of my very own! It deserves its very own blog piece so stay tuned for that! Plus my desk is barely visible and it was the reason for the whole change, we have to talk about that and what sewing fun I've had and want to have. So much to discuss!

Sew happy!


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  • You have the best office. I am so glad that it turned out so well. I love the drapes and the furniture you picked out. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I love it also!

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