Yellow & Grey hearts all quilted, now for the border

I am in some sort of manic quilting craziness right now. I dream about the yellow and grey quilts and do work on them. Son of a gun, when I wake up, none of that work is actually there. I didn't even go to the swimming pool this morning, I was so excited to sew and quilt. And I did it, I finished all the quilting.
I am not saying it is perfect quilting but I like it! I cut the borders in the same yellow that is in the stripe on the back side. When I trimmed the quilt, I had about a foot of back left over so I made a pillow out of the left over! Easiest pillow I ever made. I want to have this quilt all done to give Emily at her shower next Wednesday so these borders will be on and sewed down if I have to give up sleep to do it. Here's the flip side and its pillow baby!
I have been dreaming about this solid yellow and grey quilt as well. It is not exactly a traditional baby design nor colors! I am not sure how it will work out but I am having fun making the blocks. Here are three of them, all a bit different. I can't wait to make more.
solid blocks
I am probably using the quilts to focus my energies and thought on so I don't have to worry or think about anything else. Yet another benefit to quilting - you can just fixate on your quilts which you CAN control instead of the aspects of your life which you CANNOT control!

Sew happy!


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  • Quilts are looking great. I am glad they keep your mind off of other matters.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    Thanks, me too!

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