What to do if your candidate loses tonight

The polls say that this election is so close, we are split 50/50. That means tomorrow half of us are going to be pretty darn happy and the other half pissed off!

What do you do if you are in the surly half? I've been there over the years and might be tonight. I know what my first reaction will be. I will be all irritated and I will probably pout. Perhaps dramatically so. I will say wild and crazy things. I may threaten a move to a foreign country but for sure it won't be Canada, it's cold up there! Heck, I speak Spanish I can threaten to move to Costa Rica or Spain. Yeah, that's the ticket!

What other immature things can you do if your guy loses? Get drunk and really make a fool out of yourself? Hold your breath until they change the results to your liking? Go to Congress and say no to all legislation and block everything the President tries to do? Oh wait, that last one has definitely already been done.

How about if we all just get over it? We don't have to disrespect the winner,spend millions trying to thwart him and in the process hurt the country. We can just accept the fact that our guy lost and when you have two political parties that is going to happen. Would you really just want one party? I think that dictatorship or King thing is so several centuries ago.

Face it, you are not going to love every president. You may even actively dislike him (or someday her) but quit pouting and get on with being a good American.

It's just like quilts. (You knew this point was coming, yes? This is after all a quilting blog!) I have a very favorite Christmas quilt that is a scrap quilt and some of the fabrics in there are, quite frankly, stinkers! They are in there because I was using up all my extra red and green fabrics. But those fabrics mixed in with my other wonderful scraps all make up a terrific quilt. Our country is the same way, one great place with a few Presidents we consider "stinkers" thrown in there.
scrap quilt
There, don't you feel better? You can do it, you can act like an adult and put your country first. But I will give you a day to pout and act like a baby but only one day! I may be right there with you for that one day.

Sew happy


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  • Great post! I completely agree... well sort of. Can I have two days?

  • In reply to Erin:

    Oh sure, take three even!

  • Glad our side won.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    It does beat sulking, doesn't it?

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