Rocking chair cushions completed, quilting continues

I am continuing to work on the nursery, I am in charge of the sewing projects. My daughter and her husband found a rocker on Craig's list which they purchased, sanded and painted yellow. Today I finished making the cushions for the rocker. I thought this would be a quick project but I was wrong because of finding cushion forms. I didn't want to custom order foam at like 75.00 and to find a cheap set to recover was really tricky! I kept looking until I found a rocking chair cushion set for about 25.00 on and unfortunately I had to pay shipping. It still beat any other price that I could find. Then Emily said she wanted the cushions to be grey and white and all the fabric I had was grey, white and yellow, of course! Back to Top Shelf Quilts I went and I found a nifty grey and white circle and dots fabric and I bought the rest of the bolt, about 3.5 yards. Here's the bottom cushion and the fabric I cut to its shape and size.

To tie the cushion onto the chair, I cut 2.5" strips and ironed them in so each side met and then ironed that again after I ironed in the cut ends. I then zipped them up on the sewing machine. I made them about 10 inches long and have a total of 8, 2 at each corner, on the back and 4 on the bottom. Here is what the ties look like in production.
After I had both pieces cut to match the size and shape of the cushions they were covering, I attached the ties to the right side of their corners. Then I sewed the bottom and tops with right sides together leaving a gap to push the pillow through. Before adding the cushion/pillow I turned the cover right sides out and made sure that the ties didn't get caught in the seams. When the cushion was safely stuffed inside I had to carefully sew the opening closed with the seam allowance tucked inside. This is the trickiest part of the project but they are done!
I gave them to Emily today and she put them on the rocker. When I am done with all of my projects, I will go see the finished nursery. I haven't seen it since I was over there making the curtains. I don't know if I will get the window seat cushion covered this week as there is Thanksgiving to celebrate. But I did make some nice progress on the Modern Baby Quilt. You can see the back fabric - I love it as it is so similar to the quilt.  It wasn't quite wide enough so I added a middle strip of a fading grey fabric, here it just looks black but it is super fun!
modern bq
I love my hobby of sewing. I am having fun helping my daughter out with the nursery. I can't wait until the baby is here pooping and throwing up on all these freshly sewn items!

Sew happy!
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