Quilt is progressing, onto Thomas the Train apron

I went ahead with Emily's suggestion and loaded the baby's quilt on Gladys. Since it is a smaller quilt, I stitched all the way around to anchor it and make sure everything is nice and taut. Then I went back and stitched in the ditch around the borders. That top is there now and ready to quilt. I took the pins out of the top so I only have to deal with two rollers. When a quilt is bigger, I still like the top roller in play but with a smaller one, once it is stitched around and some stitching done in the ditch, I don't think you need it. A lovely woman in my quilt guild taught me this and I thank her every time I copy her.
OK, time to move on. Maybe I can fit in a small project before I start the next quilt. I am still friendly with my sorority sisters from college and have known their children since they were born. Although I normally never agree to sew anything for anyone at any price (I have too many projects of my own to complete!) I did agree to make one of these daughters a Thomas The Train Engine apron to give her niece. I had made this girl a Northwestern apron a while ago and apparently this niece loves to cook with her while she wears that apron. My normal NO response was not in place for her. I had her send me the fabric and I dug up an old child's apron. Here they are!
It shouldn't take too long to zip this up and then I will go back to my normal "sorry but no" answer for sewing requests. Sometimes people insist so I will quote an outlandish price and then the matter is over as well. I don't sew for money, I sew for me and my loved ones! Quite frankly, I don't need the follow up customer service issues. When you give your stuff away, people generally don't complain! But in life, it's nice to make an exception every once in a great while and this is mine. Now don't ask me for sewing favors for you, I am done for 2012, possibly 2013.

Hey, I need to get up to my sewing room and get going!

Sew happy!


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  • I love seeing the progress on the quilts. Finish up the side project and get back to work on Tough Cookie's quilt.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I did, I did!

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