Nursery sewing in yellow and grey nearly done

I can see the end in sight for the nursery sewing. Hmmm, does that mean if I finish the sewing projects then the baby will come quicker? I better get a move on!

The least glamorous of the projects was the window seat cover, whoa, for such a simple project I had to have a lot of help. My husband cut the piece of foam while I held it, he used an electric knife on a line he had carefully marked. We had enough to make two cushions and after the baby is here I will cover the second one for the window seat in Emily and Joe's room. Here is the extra piece of foam and the covered one.
To create the cover I measured the foam and added a couple of inches in all directions and basically sewed up a big rectangle with right sides together.  I turned it inside out  leaving an opening.  The toughest part was getting the foam through the opening and inside the fabric rectangle, neither one wanted to slide! I ended up having to make the opening bigger and then we started laughing when I compared the process to stuffing a sausage into a casing. See, the life of a quilter is pretty edgy!
The exciting project was the completion of the modern baby quilt, all 18 yellow and grey rectangles of it. I had so much fun on that quilt, from buying the hand dyed fabrics to quilting the connected rectangles and squares. I used the same graduated grey to bind it that I have in the middle of the back. I ended up with a piece of the back left over which I also used later. Here is my favorite modern baby quilt - Rectangles of sun and shadows.
Rectangles of sun and shadows
I had strips from the heart quilt left over and a piece of the back plus some zippers and I made them into pillows. I had already made one from the other back as well, the four easiest pillows I have ever made. The zipper idea was a pattern which I bought just so I would remember the idea! You could so it with any colors, you should try it at home!
When Emily gets pictures of the whole nursery taken I will share them here, I may even ask her first! I am glad we waited this long to put the nursery together as it gives us an activity plus a way to keep busy these last few weeks. Emily and Joe have been painting and creating things for the nursery so that Tough Cookie will either feel wrapped in love or will be like, gee, all this dorky handmade stuff! Nothing from Buy, Buy Baby?

Sew happy!


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  • I think Tough Cookie is going to love that Grandma put a lot of love in the quilts for her. As she gets older she will figure out that it will be easy to get Grandma to make any quilt she desires.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I hope so!

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