How to make a boutique tissue box cover with bow

About six years ago I got a free pattern to cover my tissue boxes with style. I made tons of them, I knew that pattern so well that I apparently didn't feel the need to save it. Plus I was working full time, my sewing room was not nearly as organized as it is now. Flash forward to 2012 and my daughter asked for one for the nursery. Sure, I said. I looked in my pattern files, drawers and pattern boxes. I called two quilt stores and then I went online. Found a pattern which I Made up the pattern and the dimensions were way off, didn't come near to fitting a boutique tissue box.

I had to take apart an old one and make a prototype and then finally got what I wanted made. I am here to save you that trouble and will write direction with a couple of pictures. First of all this is what I made.

Step 1 - Cut a piece of fabric 20 inches wide by 16 1/2 inches tall. Put a pin on the top so you don't accidentally switch them around. (I may or may not have done this while creating the prototype. The first one.)

Step 2 - Iron down 1/4" of fabric on the top. (This measurement doesn't have to be exact, you are just folding over and ironing down the raw edge of the top of the fabric.)  Now you don't have to worry about knowing what the top is.

Step 3 - Make a button hole 10 inches in from the sides and 5 1/2" down from the top. Make it slightly bigger than the ribbon you will use. Cut open.

Step 4 - Fold right sides together with folded edge at top. Sew a 1/4" seam on both raw edges.
Step 5 - Press open and press bottom to make a square - see picture. Sew a line 2 1/4"  from the the tip of the triangles, you will go across both of the the two triangles which form.
Step 6 - Fold down folded top edge to cover bottom of the button hole. Pin.  (This is already done and sewn in both pictures above.)

Step 7 - Using your machine's free arm, sew all around just below the buttonhole and just above, creating the area where ribbon will go. (Some patterns skip the button hole and just slit the fabric, I don't like the way that looks.)

Step 8 - turn right side out and using a safety pin on ribbon, feed it all the way around. You will need from 21 to 24 inches of ribbon. You can even make it longer, depends on how long of ends you want.

Step 9 - Slip in the Kleenex box, tighten up the ribbon and tie a bow. Ta da, you're done!  It also make a great present, just an idea!

Sew happy!

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  • You make it sound so easy to make, but I know it takes skill and knowledge.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    And if you haven't made one for about 8 years, two tries!

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