Small heart quilt - yellow and grey

I have a quilting buddy who has been my friend since High School, Laurie is her name and she shared a pattern with me for making a pieced small heart quilt many years ago. I adored it then and I adore it now! I have made so many versions of it, you've already seen the one I made for Shelby when she first came. I think the first ones I made were blue and white, my all time favorite color in fabrics, and I made one for my Dad and one for Emily.
blue and white hearts

stuart quilt
I also made one for my nephew Stuart when he was first born. As I work on the yellow and grey one I will show you various completed ones so you keep in mind where I am headed.

After buying twenty seven million yards of yellow and grey fabric, I choose 8 for the hearts and one for the background. I cut strips of all 9 fabrics and then cut parts of the strips into squares and rectangles. Finally I could start sewing!
This is the most tedious part of this quilt as you see very little progress but finally I had 12 rectangles of each fabric with one small square of background fabric. Pant, pant. That is over, from now on, it will look like I am making more progress!

When I first sewed, I would sew all night but I would finish the gosh darned project, dress or whatever. Now, my sewing is like my life, a bit here, a tad there, wander off, come back and work a bit more. After a while you have progress! This attitude helped me quite a bit when I was a single mom and working full time, it would all eventually add up to something.

And it did, in both life and quilting! I will show more when I have it done plus some completed heart quilts so one of us doesn't forget what I am working on.

Sew happy!


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  • The heart quilts always look great no matter what fabric or color you use. I look forward to seeing Tough Cookie's quilt.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    Thanks, it is a tried and true pattern!

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