Quilts throughout my daughter's life

My youngest daughter, Shelby, came to me across the Pacific Ocean when she was 6 months old. She was born in Korea and so when we adopted her, I made her a heart quilt to show that she was born in my heart forever. I chose the colors of the Korean flag and it was the first quilt I ever made for her, it was a pretty quick quilt to make but I did hand quilt it which slowed it down a bit. I just wanted a quilt to show her how much I loved her and to literally wrap her in my love!

heart quilt - Shelby

When she transferred to her "big" bed I made her a quilt I entitled "Through the Night Skies" to remember her journey to me. Again I chose the colors of the Korean flag and hand quilted it with stars and moons. She loved that quilt but eventually needed a warmer flannel quilt for her bed, she has always been so little and freezing! Her bedroom now is blue and yellow and of course, she has blue and yellow quilts on it.

Korean quilt

Nearly all of her life, she went to Camp Pride in the summers where all the attendees came from families built from Korean adoption. She loved that camp where everyone looked like her but was proud when I made her a quilt that no one else had. When she graduated from HS she couldn't go to camp anymore but she brought this quilt with her to the University of Illinois.

camp pride

You know how it is with kids, the time in general goes so fast, too fast.  Not every day, not when they are back talking you or giving you grey hair (Teen age years!) but their childhood in general. College seemed to go even faster. No sooner had she acquired the U of I and Delta Zeta t-shirts then I was making them into a quilt! This was one of her graduation gifts.

grad quilt

Shelby traveled to come live in my heart and has been a traveler ever since. She went to Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Korea in high school. In college, she spent a semester in Spain and now that she is a year out of college, she is returning to Spain. On Wednesday she leaves to teach English for a year in Huelva, Spain. This time she is crossing the Atlantic Ocean to live until July. I don't have a quilt for that! I will miss her terribly and will finish some quilts for her while she is gone so as to entice her home to collect them! She doesn't need a quilt, she will be bringing a piece of my heart with her.

Safe travels, Shelby.

Sew happy....

Sew happy!

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  • Kathy, that is a wonderful story. and the quilts are beautiful. I will look forward to more!

  • Thanks, my girls and my quilts are all wrapped together in my life!

  • fb_avatar

    What a loving and creative mother you are, Kathy! Your girls are blessed indeed. :)

  • In reply to Pamela Schmeckpeper:

    Thanks, Pam! When I feel sentimental about Shelby I will just make some baby quilts for Tough Cookie, I guess!

  • fb_avatar

    Love the blog post! You will be glad to know that me and a piece of your heart have made it across the Atlantic safely! Now get on Skype so we can talk! lol

  • I love that you found this and wrote me! I left you a message on Skype! Love you!

  • Beautiful!!

  • Thank you, Karen.

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