Quilt progress - patience needed

Quilting is a slow process. You did a bit here, a bit there and at the end you have two bits. Isn't that a quarter? Seriously, it takes a long time to see a finished product so you have to savor the process, the journey. With that in mind I am celebrating progress on two different quilt projects.
One done, one to go

One of the Hot for Chocolate quilts is all quilted, yippee! The other one is on the Longarm and ready to go. I have never quilted a quilt this fast - one week is my personal record. I know people who do one in less than a day but they probably stick to it more and don't flit from project to project.

grey yellow fabric
Yes, of course I am working on another project. I have been collecting grey and yellow fabrics for a long time and have over bought. Way over bought! Here is my stash for my future granddaughter's quilt. I selected 8 for the hearts and one for the background. I had so much to choose from that it was pretty fun. I got to take into consideration value, color and size of print. I tried to balance the yellow, the grey and have some small, medium and large prints.

Here are the strips, just a paltry number really. Now these have to be cut into squares and rectangles. I am working on it and thinking what else to do with the other grey and yellow fabrics. I have foam for the window seat and want to make covers for cushions for the rocking chair. And who knows what else? I have decided to start on the curtains for this room the weekend of October 20th. I am savoring this sewing for sure, I have been waiting a long time to do it. I figure this little baby will give me lots of excuses to buy fabric and make things!
tea party

What was that? You are wondering how the Book Club meeting went? Well, thanks so much for asking! It was super fun - we had savories, sweets and lots of tea! We took pictures so I will share one of the table with the napkins with you. We've been waiting for about 10 months to have our book club featured in the book section of the Chicago Tribune.

Quilts, babies and book clubs - they are all step by loving step journeys which can take a long time. You HAVE to enjoy the ride and learn to be patient, easier said than done. My favorite quote about patience is "I want patience and I want it NOW".

Sew happy!


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  • I look forward to the chocolate quilts being done. I don't think you can ever have enough gray or yellow fabric. The child will love her room.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    Thanks, I hope so.

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