Halloween quilting and sewing

It is the middle of October and time to put the Halloween quilt up. It is cute and I like it very much.  I made it about ten years ago and even lightly hand quilted it.  The most fun was buying the Halloween fabrics.  It always make me a bit sentimental about sewing around Halloween time.
Pumpkin quilt
I was a working Mom who didn't enjoy cooking. I didn't get to help in school on hot dog day, much to my older daughter's dismay. I wasn't the picture lady, a room mother nor the Brownie leader. I taught French and Spanish and donated a quilt to the class each year. Yawn. What really earned me street cred in the ole neighborhood was my love of sewing costumes.

Growing up in the 1950's costumes were pretty basic. We were bums or something else really simple. I was Wee Willie Winkle every year; my mom would buy me a new nightgown, I would put it over my snowsuit and hold a candlestick. It was beyond lame and you had to know a relatively obscure Mother Goose Rhyme to understand it.  I think part of the reason I learned how to sew in Jr. High was to be able to sew Halloween costumes for future generations.
Em bunny
I could not wait for Emily's first Halloween. I made her a bunny costume which was way too big for her!
bunny shelby
I even passed it down to Shelby and Emily got another new costume.
Shelby pumpkin
I must have felt guilty about the hand me down because for her first Halloween I made her a bib as well. (Don't tell Emily.)

Stick around till next year when I plan to be bragging like crazy the costume I have made my yet to be born Granddaughter. I already got Emily to promise that I can make it. In the meantime, I may post again about sewing Halloween costumes, I am feeling nostalgic.

Generally speaking, the quilter is not the cool Mom. But once a year those sewing skills really came into play! And soon, I will have my time to shine once more.

Trick or Treat!

Sew happy!


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  • I loved seeing the pictures of Emily and Shelby and look forward to new pictures with the new granddaughter.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    Me too!

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