9 giveaways you were raised by a quilter

I raised my girls with certain goals in mind. I only wanted straight A’s, immaculate rooms, impeccable behavior and the ability to enjoy a cup of tea with their Mother. I succeeded wildly with the tea drinking and even went on to include coffee. What can I say, I’m an overachiever. Now that we are all... Read more »

Be Creative Challenge quilts from the Expo show in Schaumburg

I liked reading about the rules and how the challenge was organized. I could tell which fabrics were in common and which were new as I looked at the quilts. Here are my favorite finalists.
I want to share with you the Be Creative Challenge quilts from the Expo show in Schaumburg. I really enjoyed them and I think you will also. I did not photograph all of them, just my favorites. There are only 7 quilts in the gallery so it shouldn’t take too long to flip through. The winning quilt... Read more »

I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing

OK, true confession time. I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing. I can’t believe it either. I will post later in the week about the show itself; right now I am trying to figure out if I have lost all my quilting cred. When I first entered the... Read more »

How to explain quilting to a baseball fan

My husband and I are both baseball fans only he is more than a fan. He is a FANatic. When I first met him we had baseball, among other things, in common. At the beginning, quilting was not something he understood nor did we have it in common. Over the 16 years of our marriage... Read more »

DIY How to make your own Shimmer Costume Step One

You’ve probably been wondering what ever happened to the Shimmer, of Shimmer and Shine fame, costume. I wrote about finding the patterns, etc. in this post. I was super early about gathering the supplies and then I let it marinate. It’s the middle of October so I am working on it now. I am going... Read more »

Sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing

I used to sew all my clothing in high school. I no longer do, but sewing still helps me with my wardrobe. I never pay tailoring costs for a hem change, for example. But this is not all.  I have discovered that sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing. I am currently having... Read more »

Donate your fabric scraps to reduce your stash

I love fabric. I like the touch and feel of it. I like collecting it, organizing it and owning it. I started buying fabric in 1967 and inherited my mom’s scraps as well. That’s a lot of fabric. Quite frankly, my stash is not all pieces of quality fabric. I have made costumes, lined drapes... Read more »

To Kill a Mockingbird book club was a culinary and literary success

I love writing about my 3 Classics in one Year Book Club grand finales. We haven’t met since January so it was even more fun for that reason. Our To Kill a Mockingbird book club was a culinary and literary success, yay! Of course having a fabulous book really helped. All of us had read... Read more »

Fabulous quilt shop in Sedona, Arizona

This week I was lucky enough to visit the state of Arizona. It was a fun trip, we were gone 5 days and two of those were for travel. During this short and sweet vacay I was lucky enough to visit a fabulous quilt shop in Sedona, Arizona. Let me tell you all about it,... Read more »

Advice on how to reignite quilting and sewing desire

I am coming down from the high of a vacation and I seem to want to make my photo book and not sew. Yes, I said that, I am wanting to do something more than sew. I am shocked also. I have to figure out how to reignite quilting and sewing desire. I once wrote... Read more »
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