The Social Experiment

You ever realized that you were great at giving other people advice but couldn't seem to take your own. It's easy to advise someone about a situation, from the outside looking in but when you find yourself in a similar situation it gets complicated. That's me. About a few weeks ago, I decided to do a slight social experiment. I was seeing so many of these "Social experiments" on twitter, I decided to do one for myself. I know, you guys have seen the tweets, that encourage you to text a slew of people something outlandish and see the responses you'd get. Well, that's what my social experiment consisted of, except I wasn't texting anything outlandish, I was asking for advice. My text simply said, "If you could give me any advice and I would have to listen to it, what would it be?" I sent this question to the people that knew me to a certain extent. People who had spent time with me long enough to know what my faults or strengths were. The answers brought me to tears. And no, not bad tears, good tears! Some of the responses were motivational and some were constructive criticism. Funny, the criticisms were something that I've always known to be true.Things that I've (at some point in my adult life) vowed to work on, and to know that other people noticed it, just reinforced that I had some more work to do. I didn't mind it, I needed to hear it. It's something about hearing constructive criticism from people you value, that "reinforces" it. As far as the motivational advice, I needed to hear that as well. I've had a lot on my plate this last semester, and there were times where I didn't think I could do it... But I did. Those closest to me, let me know that my hard work was not going unnoticed and it re-lit the simmering fire underneath me, and I pushed through. The advice I was given was near & dear to me but I'm going to share some anyway. Not only because I want it to live on forever & be a reinforcement when I need a reality check but to show you guys how powerful something as simple as a "social experiment" can be. For the people who gave me advice, I asked you for a reason.... I thank you, I love you & again, it truly meant a lot. Here's a few:

Continue to do you, You're on the right path, don't let nothing or nobody steal that energy. Keep that grind. Its you and Kam against the world and nothing else matters. -DM

Smile more, It's beautiful. Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't give things you can't change or do anything about all your energy. It takes more energy to be mad and have an attitude than to ignore it or smile and keep it moving. -JW

Live life to the fullest, remain steadfast in your truth and hold on to your own personal happiness -SW

Never give up on your dreams because I know it gets a little challenging. At first you come off as mean because you're so outspoken,so kinda ease that big ole attitude in. -SH

Strive for the best, never settle on any of your standards and remember when you reach the mountain top, that's where the wind blows the hardest. -PA

Don't be so quick to shut people out of your life -JM

BRING YO ASS OUTSIDE more often because we only get one life, we gotta live it to the fullest! -TA

Think more logically and less with emotion. Avoid being so confrontational and aggressive when you talk. -KS

A Quote: You Have $86,400 in your account and someone steals $10 ... would you be upset and throw out the other $86,390, just to get back at the person who stole the $10? No! So don't let 10 seconds of negative interaction with someone ruin the other 86,390 seconds left. Also don't stress about things you can't control or change immediately, there's no point and just trust that everything will work out. -LB

Enjoy life more, travel. You're a great mom but Megan needs to have fun too -DD

Be true to yourself, learn from your mistakes, stand for what you believe in and do what makes you happy with no regrets. -MJ

Listen more before getting upset about things. You can be kind of aggressive at times but that's what I like about you because it makes you not take bullshit from people. -JS

Continue working on your patience and place all your goals in God's Hands-FT

"Protect your peace" We keep people in our lives who drive us bonkers but we love them so we deal. Its okay to take a break from them or cut them off completely for your own sanity. That goes for people, projects , anything. It's okay to take time off to make sure your peace and mental stay strong. Even if other people don't like it, that's fine too. Self love and care comes first. Protect your peace at all costs-TD

I can conclude that I need to make sure my assertiveness doesn't translate into aggressiveness, go out more, stop being a worry wart and to basically keep on, keepin' on! I encourage you all to text people close to you this, and see what you get back. Please keep in mind and understand, that they are telling you this not only because you asked, but also because it's something they felt that you needed to hear. Good luck! Besos babies!

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