After dealing with the undue stress of school, work and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, alongside being a mom, I finally experienced burn out. I felt hopeless and truly overwhelmed. I was starting to dislike my job, and even though I only worked three days a week, the thought of going in... Read more »

How I Pulled Off The Impossible

When I tell people at work I’m a full time student, I get the incredulous stare. When I tell people at school, that I work full time, they look at me as if I have three heads. Add being a mommy into the conversation, and they’re almost prone to calling me a liar because it’s... Read more »

Change is a Resolution

Every year around this time, or more so around the end of December, comes the constant ridicule of New Years resolutions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen memes on social media shaming the “New Year, New Me.” folks. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. The start of a new... Read more »

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

When I was younger, my mother stayed the tender age 28 for a number of years. Every time a birthday would roll around, she would say she was 28. Of course at the age of six or seven, I was too enthralled in my own thing to question my mother’s stagnant age of twenty-eight. Looking... Read more »

Don't Miss Your Beat

Don’t miss your beat. Don’t miss your beat for anyone or anything. I had to say it two times because that’s how strongly I feel about it. I only write about things I’m familiar with and missing my beat is one of them. Well, used to be. Don’t miss your chance to smile, to progress,... Read more »

Who Needs A Shrink, When You've Got Books?!

Up until my early twenties, I had always been a fairly happy person. The person to always look on the brighter side of things, and who wouldn’t let too much of anything break my spirit. But as I got older, along with life experiences, that part of me got lost along the way. My disposition... Read more »

Free Thyself

Why do we humans subject ourselves to the same rounds of suffering. We know certain acts may bring self-defeating feelings such as jealousy, insecurity, anger, sadness or hate. So why do we constantly engage in these acts. Here are a few possible answers. Maybe it’s habit, love or even hope. Let’s start off with love,... Read more »

Preserve Thyself

Self-preservation is a concept that often goes overlooked and brushed under a rug. We’re so busy trying to appease other people, we don’t recognize when our own happiness is depleting or at risk. Sure you want to do for others, but what about doing for yourself? When I say self-preservation, I’m not talking about physically,... Read more »

Relationship (Please) Don'ts

There are some lessons you just have to learn the hard way and unfortunately I’m one of those people who learn from trial(s) and error. You can give me advice all day long and twice on Sunday, but I won’t get it unless I actually go through it myself. I guess I’m just one of... Read more »

Parking Pains

Let’s just talk about Chicago parking. Whose brilliant idea was this? Chicago is such a beautiful city but the way it’s parking restrictions, limitations and rules are set up; it makes you want to nix all plans, stay in the house and binge watch every Netflix show possible. Just me? Oh. Let me just say... Read more »