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Foreshadowing Whitney: When Death Took A Holiday

She had a spellbinding voice and style. She overindulged in drugs and booze. She was a battered wife. She died in her 40s—in 1959.   She was Billie Holiday. The similarity to Whitney Houston is striking. Both sounded like angels.  Both had their demons. Both brought a new dimension to pop music. Billie in her styling... Read more »

Whitney Houston: A Legacy Of Sweet Sounds And Beautiful Music

“Any man’s death,” said John Donne, “diminishes me.” In all the tributes that have followed the death of Whitney Houston, there is this sense of personal loss. Of a gift that  fortune had given all  of us, and suddenly taken back. Whitney’s magnificent voice,  with its unparalleled power, range, radiance, and beauty, has been stilled.  It had... Read more »